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Blockchain 101: How to Buy ETH & DAI

In preparation for the upcoming LAND presale, we want to give you a heads up on how to participate and get your piece of The Sandbox metaverse.

In order to do so, you will need to fill-up your Sandbox wallet with ETH (or DAI)
You can accomplish this via 3 simple steps:

  1. Set up your wallet in The Sandbox (Metamask/Bitski)
  2. Buy ETH (or DAI) on a third-party exchange (Coinbase/Wyre/Coinswitch)
  3. Send ETH (or DAI) from the exchange (Coinbase) to your Sandbox wallet

Let’s go over these steps one by one:

1. Set up your wallet

The first and most essential item you’ll need to get your piece of The Sandbox is a wallet. Our marketplace supports MetaMask and Bitski at the moment, which will allow you to buy LANDS and ASSETS and interact with our marketplace.

If you are a newcomer in cryptocurrency and you don’t have a wallet already (or if you want to easily create a specific wallet for the game), Bitski is a good choice.
You can also go through MetaMask, a wallet interface that you can add on top of your (Chrome) browser.

On the landing page, after clicking on the login button, you will encounter the wallet popup to select the creation of your Bitski wallet.

After this, you’ll need to fill in basic information and authorize our marketplace to access your wallet to purchase LAND, ASSETS, and eventually SAND in our upcoming presale events.

Once signed up, your wallet address will appear here:

  • MetaMask method

Experienced users who already have a wallet and want to use it in The Sandbox can use the Metamask plugin built into your Chrome, Brave or Firefox browser.

To install Metamask, follow these instructions:

Or you can check our article:

Once MetaMask in installed on your browser, the process is simple.

Select the second option shown below:

Sign in by confirming your request:

That’s it, you’re good to go! Your wallet address will appear in your account, just like the Bitski method.

You’re now ready to buy ETH (or DAI) and store assets.

You can find more information on how to get set up here:

2. Buy ETH (or DAI) on a third-party exchange (Coinbase/Wyre/Coinswitch)

ETH (Ether) is the primary cryptocurrency for the Ethereum blockchain. To interact with a blockchain (e.g., Ethereum) and blockchain-based applications (e.g., The Sandbox) you need to possess its cryptocurrency (ETH), so you will need to buy some ETH(or DAI).

There are plenty of options for doing this, but we’ll be recommending a couple of known services that are trustworthy and provide straightforward solutions to buy cryptocurrencies.

US citizens only:

You are able to purchase ETH (or DAI) directly from the MetaMask Browser Extension with the Coinbase service following these simple steps:

  • Click the “Buy” button from the browser extension
  • Select the “Coinbase” option
  • Click on “Continue to Coinbase” option to purchase ETH (or DAI)

Coinbase transaction (MetaMask and Bitski)

On the main page click on ETHEREUM (or DAI), then View Asset

Then, on the buy tab, click on add a payment method to link a credit card

Once done, you just enter the amount of ETH (or DAI) you want to buy, and after a 2-step validation process (code sent by phone), you’ll be a happy ETH (or DAI) owner.

Other options:

  • Wyre

Wyre lets you use a credit card to deposit ETH right into your wallet. You can either create a new wallet and send your ETH to it, or use MetaMask option if you have this wallet.

To create an account and be able to exchange your Fiat currency for ETH you’ll have to provide your personal details in order for Wyre to verify your identity.

After exchanging your Fiat currency to ETH you will be able to select your wallet to deposit. If this is MetaMask and you have the browser extension you can simply select it and confirm the transference via MetaMask.

If you have Bitski, you’ll need to copy your Bitski wallet address by accessing your account details and clicking on your wallet address.

CoinSwitch offers you simple options to exchange your Fiat currency for ETH, and also works with more than 300+ coins that you can use to exchange for ETH. Thus, if you have other cryptocurrency tokens and don’t want to exchange your Fiat currency all over again, you can just simply use the tokens that you already have.

The steps are very straightforward; you just need to enter the quantity of Fiat or cryptocurrency token that you want to exchange for ETH so then CoinSwitch can offer you available options to do so.

The most recommended options don’t require a login or many personal details, and you can use your credit card to complete the exchange.

3. Send ETH from the exchange (Coinbase) to your Sandbox wallet

Now you have to send the ETH to your wallet linked to The Sandbox.

In Coinbase, click on Wallet, then on Send.

Copy your Wallet Address linked to The Sandbox (see part 1) in the Recipient window

Then confirm the transaction, with another 2-step validation process

After a few seconds, the transaction should be done.

Disconnect from Coinbase and the ETH (or DAI) should now appear on the wallet linked to The Sandbox.

You’re now ready to buy some LAND and ASSETS!

Whatever the exchange you use, there is always a SEND function.


If you need help, join us on Discord so that we can assist you with the task!



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