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Coming Soon: The Sandbox NFT Marketplace Beta

Starting March 30th, the Marketplace Beta will give NFT creators the possibility to monetize their creations. The first phase will feature a selected number of artists before everyone will receive access.

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our Marketplace Beta. This is the first phase of beta rollout, which will be followed by the launch of play-to-earn in our Explorer Season.


  • The marketplace beta will launch its first phase on March 30th, 2021.
  • 46 artists from the Creator Fund designed the 107 NFTs that will be sold for $SAND during this first phase.
  • The $SAND revenue from each sale will be split as follows: 95% will go to the artist and the remaining 5% will finance more creators and artists in the Game Maker and Creators Funds.

What is the Marketplace Beta?

The Marketplace Beta is the first step of many leading up to the launch of The Sandbox metaverse. Over the next few months, we will be introducing more improvements that will enhance how our VoxEdit and Game Maker tools, and the Sandbox itself, will interact with each other, bringing our vision of a true, interconnected metaverse to life.

The Marketplace Beta is thus a critical milestone for us, as it is the first time creators will have the chance to publish and share their NFT creations with anyone in the world and to earn $SAND by selling them. The first phase will introduce the core functionality for our first creators to publish their creations. We are working hard on developing marketplace features so everyone can publish and monetize their NFTs in the near future, and we’ll detail the process in this article.

With the marketplace, we are aiming to build a decentralized location where artists can share and trade their creations with the rest of The Sandbox’s audience for $SAND. As an artist, you will be able to decide for yourself what each of your NFT is worth and for how much $SAND you want to list them on the marketplace. Once your NFT is purchased, you will receive 95% of the revenue, and the remaining 5% will be split equally between the Treasury and the Foundation to be reinjected into the ecosystem to support both the Game Maker Fund and Creator Fund.

The Artists Behind the NFTs

Our Creator Fund is actively supporting talented voxel artists that are creating the amazing ASSETS you can already see all over our marketplace.

At the date of launch, 47 artists will contribute their creations. Some of these you’ve already seen in-game experiences currently published in the Game Maker gallery, during some of our live streams, or as winners in VoxEdit contests.

We are featuring these artists at launch to showcase some of the incredible work created through VoxEdit. They’ve spent countless hours working on these ASSETS for game users to enjoy. The 107 NFTs for sale have been specially curated by both artists and the TSB team to provide useful and entertaining NFTs.

In the future, anyone will be able to list ASSETS for sale for $SAND on the Marketplace, and may possibly earn rewards and incentives for doing so. In the meantime, the phased rollout allows The Sandbox to showcase a limited number of items, all of which can be plugged into LANDS for aesthetics and gameplay using the Game Maker. The Marketplace will serve as a place for any creator to buy and sell ASSETS. So, head on over to The Sandbox Marketplace on March 30th to check out the first ASSETS on display!

Who are the 46 artists behind the NFTs?

Listed below are the forty-six talented artists that created the first NFTs to ever be sold in The Sandbox marketplace. You can follow, encourage them and see the amazing things they are creating on Twitter.

Aikiman, Alina S, AOB, BeInDreams, Benjiro, Carina Chen, Chakkaebi, Chimpabastian, Choco, Damon, Darkdag666, DiegoUrrea26, Diegus, Filiz, Gatostao, Gundam-Z, KamiSawZe, KiwiAndCoffee, Kosmikoyote, KradSuperSoldier, Liu Fogel, Meo, Mike0321, MJDV, Momo, Monancho, Morguy, Mr Gold, Necrobombicon, Nest, Nexonik, NicolasNK, Pandapops, Pepe, Rafa, Remigio, Sandio, Shon-T, Sisapi, Superrisk, Thelostb0y, Toby R, Ven, Voxel Blaze, Bunny, and William.

What kind of content will be available?

Phase 1 of the marketplace will give a general overview of the various assets and NFTs that can be sold for $SAND. An ASSET is a name for an NFT voxel creation on The Sandbox platform that is created via the 3D modeler, VoxEdit. One of the key features of The Sandbox is that once ASSETS are minted and uploaded into the blockchain ecosystem through our marketplace, they are automatically converted into ERC-1155 NFTs and can then be monetized as such by artists, players, collectors, and creators alike.

NFT ASSETS consist of four categories:
We’ll detail these four categories below.


Entities are all the NFTs that populate an experience and help to bring the environment to life: fighter, predator, prey, loot, citizen, farmer, landmarks, etc. Entities have a set of behaviors that will give your experience more life.


Equipment are the ASSETS accessible from the inventory that can be worn and help the player to complete the game experience. Equipment will include weapons and protections such as swords, cuirasses, shields, gloves, helmets, etc.


In The Sandbox, an avatar is composed of four different body parts, called wearables, that consist of the head, torso, legs, and feet. Each of these wearables can be customized at will to create a unique avatar. Cosmetic wearables will be fashionable to customize avatars and give them unique styles.

4. ART

Art ASSETS are used mainly for their visual aspects. They can be voxelized versions of traditional works of art, stylized items, buildings, landmarks, statues, etc. Potential use cases include being used as the final item to uncover in a game quest, as items in art galleries, or as decorations for your experience.

The NFTs sold in the marketplace will help creators bring their game experiences to life when used with our Game Maker.

Who can mint and publish on the marketplace?

At the initial release of the marketplace beta, a selected few talented creators from our Foundation will have their NFTs up for sale on the marketplace. As this first phase rolls out we will slowly whitelist more and more artists from our creator fund to mint and upload new ASSETS on the marketplace.

A whitelisted account is required to be able to mint and upload new ASSETS to the marketplace initially. Here’s how creators can be whitelisted:

  • Case 1: You are part of the Creators’ Fund — You can contact the team via your cell leader. Your application will be reviewed and you will be whitelisted if approved.
  • Case 2: You are not part of the Creators’ Fund — You will need to apply to the fund first. If your application is approved, you can then follow case 1.

The core of The Sandbox gaming platform remains user-generated content (UGC). As such, we want to give everyone the opportunity to create their own ASSETS and turn them into cool NFTs that can be sold on our marketplace. In keeping with this, the marketplace will soon be open to allow everyone to upload new creations if they choose, to then be minted in our marketplace. This will ensure greater diversity in art styles, rarity, and scarcity of the ASSETS available on our decentralized gaming platform.

Who can buy NFTs

Once we have launched the marketplace Beta, anyone will be able to buy any NFT listed for sale on the marketplace for $SAND. Three things are needed in order to successfully buy an NFT:

  • ETH for the gas fees

The Value of User-Generated NFTs

As one of the most important elements of The Sandbox metaverse, ASSET NFTs will enrich the game experiences over our platform. While mechanics, good gameplay, and an immersive story are crucial in any game, all games will benefit from the quality of the objects, NPCs, and elements displayed within them. The NFTs used in the game experience will be the last brick that will give it its uniqueness. Players will rotate more towards a harmonized experience that is layered with NPCs, buildings, amazing weaponry, and eye-catching visual design.

You are currently free to use any ASSET NFT displayed in the marketplace to test your experiences. At the time of writing, the ASSETS that you pick are added to your “wishlist,” which is how you can use them. In the future, to publish said experience on your LAND, you will need to own every ASSET that you place. Basic ASSETS (an asset available to everyone in the Game Maker) will remain free to use. However, minted ASSETS (or NFTs) will need to be owned for creators to publish their experiences.

A variety of ASSETS will be presented in the marketplace with different attributes, designs, scarcities, and utilities. This will give creators, players, and collectors a wide assortment of NFTs with which to create.

Each NFT will feature an array of rarities, ranging from Common to Legendary, which means that they will have varying amounts of copies per ASSET. When all copies of an NFT are sold, there won’t be another chance to purchase that NFT at that set price on our marketplace. However, these NFTs can be used in more than one experience that you own.

The Sandbox marketplace aims to give artists the opportunity to capture value on the sales of their NFTs. So before we can successfully implement our first iterations of gameplay and play-to-earn in The Sandbox, we need the marketplace to be operational.

What’s Next?

Following this first phase of the marketplace, we will gradually add more features and give more artists and creators the ability to list their NFTs. Once we are confident with the level of quality during phase 1, we will progressively add more artists to the pool of creators.

NFT Collections

The next phase will introduce collections, which are a way to display NFTs within the same theme as well as the possibility to mint directly with gems and catalysts.

Over time we will also add additional categories, that will enhance the NFT experience further, and give more possibility in creating content for our metaverse. Those upcoming categories include Blocks, Games, as well as Avatars.

Once everything has been tested we will be opening the marketplace to anyone, removing the need to be whitelisted to list your assets. We are also working on features to highlight artists and creators, as well as several other quality of life improvements, which will be added throughout the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the launch of the next phases of the marketplace.



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