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Creating an MMORPG with The Game Maker — Creators’ Interview #10: Sythicentt

Welcome to our Game Creators interview series, where we feature creators and members of The Sandbox community, giving them a platform to share their stories.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hey, I’m Sythicentt, currently an ambassador, mod and Game Maker Fund member in The Sandbox (The Sandbox has pretty much been a way of life since lockdown), and I am developing an MMORPG: Planet Rift. I am a wannabe do it all (aren’t we all?), who is huge on e-sports and community.

What initially attracted to you The Sandbox?

Here’s an interesting story, once upon a time I used to lead a mobile gaming guild. That is where I built a lot of my community building experience and developed a passion for competitive gaming. It is also where I met my current business partner Sarynade.
Upon looking for games to play, he stumbled across a The Sandbox ad and, seeing there was a presale for LAND that we could build our own games on for only $50 at the time, we were instantly sold, as this represented a freedom from pay to win games.

You are currently working on Planet Rift, could you tell us what the experience will be about?

Planet Rift will be a competitive multi-world MMORPG where players will attempt to colonize Planet Rift. Evolving and growing not only themselves, but Planet Rift too. We’re aiming to not only create an amazing adventure and PvP game, but also empower LAND owners, by incorporating their LAND, big or small, into the adventures on Planet Rift.

Planet Rift preview

How did you come up with the overall idea? What were your influences?

A lot of influences were brought into Planet Rift, being a Call of Duty competitive fan boy, I had a strong drive to push the MMORPG in a competitive direction. On the MMO side though childhood games like EpicDuel and the ever so popular movie: Ready Player One were other big influences.

You are currently building a team of creators, how can we join the Planet Rift project?

Yes, we are currently building a team of, primarily full time, level designers and artists, as we begin to grow and start heading into the bigger parts of development. Once this is solidifed, we can begin to slowly pickup other roles such as marketing and community managers. We also have a special group of LAND contributors who are staking their LAND in the future of Planet Rift.

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