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The first-ever randomly generated VoxEdit collection comes to The Sandbox

CyberKongz has partnered with The Sandbox to build a world capable of hosting the range of characters that various factions can explore with their fellow tribespeople — whether it’s the Top Hat Gang, the VR Crew, Cyberbrains, or even one of the many Pirate Kongz. CyberKongz has acquired several LANDS on which they’ll build experiences and games in the metaverse.

Their project, CyberKongz VX, is the first-ever randomly generated NFT collection created using VoxEdit. All CyberKongz VX will be playable in The Sandbox as Avatars through an innovative new layer of NFT interoperability. This way CyberKongz VX holders can take part in the play-to-earn mechanics The Sandbox offers players. The Sandbox also holds a number of CyberKongz NFTs alongside the 350+ unique NFTs in our collection.

The Sandbox holds 350+ unique NFTs from various collections

From their 2D NFT origins to their next evolution as 3D voxel inhabitants of The Sandbox, CyberKongz has been keen to develop and foster their own lore as they build a world where the community can interact and grow with them. They aspire to become a large city and active economy in The Sandbox, with thousands of players being a part of the CyberKongz ecosystem. With their tiered system of Genesis, Baby, and now VX, there are opportunities for everyone to join in the fun and allow CyberKongz to offer a full range of 2D to 3D social NFT avatars.

The public mint of 10,000 CyberKongz VX was sold out in 30 minutes and resulted in a whopping 1,430 ETH burned, ranking first on the leaderboard of top ETH burners that day and surpassing NFT marketplace OpenSea and leading decentralized exchange Uniswap combined.

The team donated 10% of their collected funds to Virunga National Park and, offsetting 4304 tonnes of CO2 and helping the national park to overcome unprecedented challenges caused by the pandemic.

The many lands of CyberKongz

The first LAND acquisition CyberKongz made in The Sandbox was The Shrine of Truth, a superb landmark created as a collaboration by Sand Rush & Light Trail Adventures, which took over three months to create. The Shrine of Truth NFT and a 3x3 Estate was a highly anticipated auction on OpenSea and CyberKongz won in an epic bidding war. After receiving it, the Shrine of Truth was renamed.

The Shrine of Kongz is a legendary building, and is a true 1/1, with craftsmanship that will help it stand out. The building features highly detailed artwork with painstaking effort put into fine-texturing involving days of hand-painting. This Aztec-influenced shrine gives CyberKongz not just an epic central focal point, but an opportunity to set themselves apart from other communities.

The Shrine of Kongz comes equipped with a parkour-based game that culminates with a mysterious chest atop a giant monolith for players to open. These types of mini adventures will allow CyberKongz to further develop the playability and utility of the project.

The Shrine will serve as the spiritual home of CyberKongz and a beacon of hope for all lost souls. From hidden caves to scattered stone piles, there is something for everyone to explore and discover on the island. CyberKongz’ rich history stemming from the Great Kongz War has led to many tales about the heroic acts that have helped them to their current evolution. With many questions left unanswered, perhaps you can connect the dots and unearth the true history behind CyberKongz.

But don’t expect the visit to be a simple walk in the park!

With The Shrine of Truth harking back to the spiritual home of the Kongz ancestors, they felt it was necessary to erect a futuristic cityscape where nature and technology coexist in harmony. The team dubbed this sprawling 12x12 plot Neo Kongz City. This urban area will draw from a range of influences such as futuristic cityscape areas from movies to modern architecture while complementing mother nature.

Their third and biggest acquisition in The Sandbox was a plot that embodies the wide varieties in CyberKongz’ natural habitat. This 24x24 estate was one of the focal points in the Summer Jam Land Sale Wave 6. The CyberKongz team created a cool Banana Vending Machine NFT to add to the land sale as a premium NFT.

Kongz Island which will be a giant island with a mixture of ancient ruins, vast jungles and wide areas split into different biomes ranging from icy landscapes to desert canyons. The capitol of Kongz Island will serve as the main social hub for all visitors.

The sheer size of this plot of land allows for the creation of a unique environment. There may also be an opportunity to build a selection of ‘Easter Eggs’ or secret areas within the island’s limits!

And don’t forget: Kongz are a naturally big species! Everything in it will seem larger than life!


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