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From individual creator to founding the MyReality gaming studio — Creators Interview #8: Quoc

Welcome to our Game Creators interview series, where we feature creators and members of The Sandbox community, giving them a platform to share their stories.

In this edition of Game Creators, we speak with Quoc, a passionate creator that founded MyReality a game studio built to create experiences in The Sandbox metaverse. Read on to learn more about his a-maze-ing journey!

Quoc and Sébastien BORGET

Hello everybody, my name is Quoc, I am from Norway and am really excited and honoured to be interviewed and be part of The Sandbox Family! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell about myself and MyReality, that eventually, might become your reality!

MyReality preview

Hello Quoc, tell us what initially attracted you to The Sandbox?

Well, from an early age I have been interested in how everything works, how to put things together…and most importantly how to take them apart. I played with Lego a lot, built robots, spaceships, castles, and other similar toys.

I first read about The Sandbox game in Q4 of 2019, did some digging and found out that it could be something great.

MyReality preview

I already had general knowledge about NFTs, blockchain, voxels and games…The Sandbox just managed to put all this together. Good ideas merging together, and that’s it, you have invented a new unique work of art here!

The Sandbox platform gives me the opportunity to build amazing creations: worlds with no boundaries, buildings, landmarks, assets for the game… and a lot more but most importantly The Sandbox has become more than just that. I am now also participating in social events, meeting, educating artists among other things.

How easy was it for you to get started with the Game Maker?

I have a background in programming, so this is kind of another way of creating games for me. However I have to tell you guys that the Game Maker is a spectacular invention! With it, The Sandbox gives opportunities to so many people around the world! It is so easy to use, that my son spent 10 seconds learning how to create his first game!

Do you have a major game project that you will publish on The Sandbox platform?

We started creating MyReality as a hobby project, and wanted to create lots of fun mazes for the community.

MyReality preview

Content will include many obstacles, time sensitive games and prizes for the best player. So yes, you will see tons of mazes on the map! We will also create about 20 games for the metaverse Game Hub DAO which games will be published across The Sandbox metaverse. They will contain games that require the player to use their intellect and skills in game and will includes many challenges.

In your opinion, what is so unique about The Sandbox and its community?

The Sandbox vision is a platform that gives opportunities to so many artists out there, but also, our community is so open minded, helpful and generous. We’re just like a big family you know!

MyReality preview

How much time did you spend building MyReality ? How do you create such a big experience?

When I initially pick up a new interest, I can easily become addicted to it. I spent at least 15 hours a day and 7 days a week working on it. Doing research, exploring new areas, improving my creative skills with voxels and also in the Game Maker. Behind all the things I have created, I put countless hours behind the monitors. Time flies when you have fun, you know!

MyReality preview

When did you decide to switch from being an individual creator to starting the MyReality DAO?

I really believe I can contribute a lot more for the community by participating more actively in creating content and offering opportunities to more artists.

Through a DAO, with so many people that are already trusting and contributing, I believe it will be easier now! :-) From MyReality to be YourReality! We will now be able to give more, do more and create more for the community!

What is MyReality DAO’s mission?

MyReality DAO will partner with The Sandbox as an ambassador to reach out and enlighten our vision to a wider audience through our games, art and work.

The MyReality office

We are currently hiring people and have already opened an office with a few employees. We will create plenty of quality content for landowners in The Sandbox!

We will follow LAND owners’ choices to create new games, populate LANDs with experiences and we will make The Sandbox Metaverse a nice place to stay, to play, date…or whatever!

I have a dream, a dream that one day The Sandbox will be filled with quality content. I have a dream that no matter wherever players, artists and creators come from, we will respect and reach out to others. But most of all that all metaverses could work and co-exist!

Any last words?

Thank you so much for your time, thanks to MyReality team that’s been really supportive and sacrificed a lot already.

Thanks to Kimsen, Yoon, Trung and all members of the Council that have been supporting me with tips and knowledge, especially Håkon from and Nicolas Weber from Amazing Blocks, helping out with our white-paper. Also to Mr Ken that has been extremely dedicated and spread the word about MyReality DAO to his patrons!

Thanks to The Sandbox Game who has given MyReality Dao this opportunity!

The MyReality team

We thank Quoc for his inspiring words and can’t wait to see more of MyReality in the metaverse! We’ll be back soon with more Game Creators interviews, so stay tuned!

MyReality preview

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