Hell Diggers — Tower of Lust

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The Tower of Lust’s cabaret is known throughout Hell and only the elite of the demonic hierarchy are invited. Will you be able to pass the tests to reach the top of the dungeon?

15 assets from the 5th dungeon will be added to The Sandbox Marketplace on April 14th, 7AM UTC.

The Collection

Asmodeus, Monarch of Lust (left) ; Barrel Organ (middle) ; Cabaret Theater Lodge (right)
  • Asmodeus, Monarch of Lust — A Monarch and revue leader of her cabaret. Once an angel like Lucifer, she will never reveal her past and will barely be implied.
  • Barrel Organ — It is a living instrument that reads a musical score by turning its own crank.
  • Cabaret Theater Loge — Your personal box with seats and curtains, to attend the most beautiful shows comfortably installed.
Burlesque Armor (left) ; Sensual Imp (middle) ; Black Hands (right)
  • Burlesque Armor (Jacket, Hat, Gloves and Boots are sold separately)— The whole metaverse will only have eyes for you, you will be at the front of the stage.
  • Sensual Imp — These devils have succumbed to their vices and are paying for their past sins
  • Black Hands — Big purplish hands that come out of the ground to punish those who come near.
Elevator (left) ; Steel cage (middle) ; Cabaret Table Candles (right)
  • Elevator — An elegant wooden elevator engraved and decorated with gilding.
  • Steel Cage — Suspend your dancers in the air with this steel cage. You can also lock your enemies in it and suspend them above the void…
  • Cabaret Table Candles — This beautiful table decorated with candles will bring a touch of elegance to your land.
Cabaret piano (left) ; Asmodeus Fan (middle) ; Elegant Rapier (right)
  • Cabaret Piano — A magnificent instrument made of magic wood decorated with sumptuous gilding
  • Asmodeus Fan — The artifact of Asmodeus to display in your land. A beautiful fan that testifies to your courage as a Hell Digger.
  • Elegant Rapier — A beautiful long and thin sword with an elaborate guard and a flexible blade, useful for skewering those who get in your way.

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