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Please introduce yourself.
Greetings, I am Stephane Deblaise, the CEO of RENAULT KOREA MOTORS. RENAULT KOREA MOTORS aim to lead the mobility trend in the metaverse space while also sharing exciting mobility experiences. Starting with RENAULT KOREA MOTORS-Hub in THE Sandbox, we are preparing various projects that encompass NFT and AI. We ask for your interest and support.

What are you planning to showcase on LAND, and what kind of experience can users expect?
We are planning to create a space called RENAULT KOREA MOTORS-Hub where you can experience everything about RENAULT KOREA MOTORS in an interesting way through the metaverse. It is consisted with factory, research center, design center, showroom, and other various zones. If you visit, you may be able to create your own car and you can challenge the fuel efficiency championship.

What’s the most exciting thing about this LAND sale?

RENAULT KOREA MOTORS has reinterpreted the theme of RENAULT KOREA MOTORS-Hub as an Oddly Satisfying Place. In the factory where cars are produced with oddly satisfying timing, players can experience Renault’s unwavering commitment to quality and efficient processes.

In addition, we created Design Center where has responsible for overseeing the design of our vehicles, sketches of concept cars that can only be seen in the Design Center’s secret area and Dive Zone where shows interesting daily lives with the New QM6. Through these various digital experiences, we hope you to have more interest in the RENAULT KOREA MOTORS brand.

Last but not least, if there’s anything you’d like to say to our users, please feel free to do so.
RENAULT KOREA MOTORS ventures into The Sandbox for the first in the automotive industry with RENAULT KOREA MOTORS-Hub. So, challenge yourself in the digital mobility life through RENAULT KOREA MOTORS-Hub where you can experience exciting and diverse spaces. We invite all those who are passionate about cars to join us!

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