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Introducing mSAND-MATIC staking at The Sandbox

The Sandbox is introducing a new staking program on Layer-2.


  • The Sandbox is starting to deploy a Layer-2 ecosystem on Polygon.
  • We will refer to the SAND on Polygon as mSAND in our ecosystem, but they are identical.
  • mSAND-MATIC staking to ease access to mSAND on Polygon is only the first step.
  • 300,000 mSAND will be injected into the pool on a weekly basis.
  • An additional boost of 200,000 mSAND will be added every week for the first four weeks as an incentive for early adopters.
  • SAND holders who provide liquidity to the staking pool will be eligible to share a monthly allocation of mSAND.
  • The program opens on 16/12/2021–5PM UTC with a buffer period where users can stake LP without any rewards yet.
  • mSAND rewards will be loaded on 17/12/2021–5PM UTC and the distribution will start.

How To Stake In The mSAND-MATIC Pool

What’s Next?

More staking mechanisms will become available in the future, to further increase your potential as SAND owner in The Sandbox’s metaverse — giving you a chance to prove your trust and to earn even more rewards. Our goal is ultimately to move over the majority of The Sandbox ecosystem to Polygon.



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