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Introducing: Premium ASSETS

With the 4th round of LAND presale we are introducing a new way to deliver value and convenience to players: by bundling Premium ASSETS with Premium LAND. This isn’t the first time we’ve released Premium ASSETS — we released a wave of Premium ASSETS in our very first ASSET sale — but on August 4th we’ll bundle Premium LANDS in specific locations with a bundle of exclusive Premium ASSETS.

PRE-REGISTER NOW for the upcoming LAND Presale!

In The Sandbox, creating a game experience requires the use of ASSETS.
An ASSET is a voxel model made by artists for The Sandbox using Voxedit.
They are user-generated content (UGC) uploaded on the blockchain as NFT (Non-Fungible Token), aka blockchain-based virtual item you can collect that is unique and scarce.

The tier and scarcity of these ASSETS are determined by the type of Catalyst and Gems used. The more sockets your Catalyst holds, the more Gems you can add. And the more Gems added, the more valuable your ASSET becomes!

You can read a more in-depth explanation on our Scarcity, Attributes & Behaviors article.

  1. What are Premium LANDS?
  2. What are Premium ASSETS?
  3. How can I get Premium ASSETS?
  4. Explore Premium ASSETS

What are Premium LANDS?

A Premium LAND is a single parcel of LAND that comes with a specific location and a bundle of Premium ASSETS. (See more in this article).

The exclusive ASSET bundle will get you started on your game creation.
Premium ASSETS included in our next LAND presale are the following:

  • 1 Common = Doe
  • 1 Rare = Mummy Enemy
  • 1 Epic = Spider
  • 1 of 6 Legendary ASSETS (Curious to know what they are? Read below…)

What are Premium ASSETS?

Premium ASSETS are exclusive NFTs that bear unique features and will be available during a limited amount of time and in a limited amount.

Only their owners will be able to collect and place Premium ASSETS into games using the Game Maker, leverage their Attributes, and ultimately monetize them in the future both within and outside The Sandbox.

Because the ASSETS are all Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), buyers will be the owner of a scarce ASSET that lies on the Ethereum Blockchain. Because we use a common standard (ERC 1155), ASSETS have inherent interoperability features meaning that you will be able to use them in other dApps and applications of the ecosystem in the future.

In a nutshell, ASSETS are backed by blockchain technology and enable digital scarcity and true ownership for the players.

How can I get Premium ASSETS?

For now, the only way to collect Premium ASSETS is to buy Premium LANDS. 1,134 of them will become available on August 4th.

Read more about the upcoming LAND Presale about and pre-register

Gotta collect ‘em all!

Explore Premium ASSETS

When purchasing a Premium LAND you will also receive 4 Premium ASSETS as mentioned previously:

1 Common = Doe

  • Scarcity = 4000 copies
  • Attributes = 25 Luck
  • Behaviours = Ground Herbivore

1 Rare = Mummy Enemy

  • Scarcity = 1500 copies
  • Attributes = 50 Power
  • Behaviours = Enemy

1 Epic = Spider

  • Scarcity = 1200 copies
  • Attributes = 25 Power, 50 Speed
  • Behaviours = Ground Predator

1 of 6 Legendary = Dragon

Each of the six Dragons are Legendary and come with a unique set of attributes, behaviour and skins. Further, they will have a limited scarcity of 200 copies each.

Get to know the six dragons that will only be available in the LAND Presale 4, starting August 4th!

Borealwing Dragon

Bred in the blistering glaciers of The Sandbox “The Ice Dragon” has an ice breath attack that can near vaporize anything in its way. Its scales are frozen so it feels no pain when hit. Icicles grow off of its scales acting as a shield capable of spearing enemies to death.

1. Scarcity — 200 copies

2. Attributes — 75 Power, 25 Speed

3. Behaviors — Enemy

Firemane Dragon

“The Firemane Dragon” has adapted to the harsh arid environments in which it lives. Its scales have fused into a tough exoskeleton that protects it from sandstorms, and it has powerful pincers and strong jaws to help it catch prey. Its camouflage-like yellow scales help it covertly stalk and attack its victims

1. Scarcity — 200 copies

2. Attributes — 50 Power, 50 Speed

3. Behaviors — Enemy

Timberhide Dragon

Raised in dense forests, “The Timberhide Dragon” is claimed to have mystical powers gifted from its environment. Its Magic tail is capable of hurling enemies into distant lands.

1. Scarcity — 200 copies

2. Attributes — 75 Defense, 25 Magic

3. Behaviors — Enemy

Bloodless Dragon

“The Bloodless Dragon” is a dragon that is born dead, hailing from a forgotten county. There’s never been a living beast as dead as he is.

1. Scarcity — 200 copies

2. Attributes — 75 Magic, 25 Power

3. Behaviors — Enemy

Thunderhorn Dragon

Fear the roar of “The Thunderhorn Dragon”. Some say it can pierce so deeply that it alters the minds of its enemies. With its ability to summon storms on command enemies do not want to be caught in open areas or clear skies around the dragon.

1. Scarcity — 200 copies

2. Attributes — 75 Speed, 25 Luck

3. Behaviors — Enemy

Steambreath Dragon

This dragon is insane, yet is all the more fearsome for it. The Steambreath Dragon dreams of Armageddon and for him, burning man is not just a festival but a way of life! He hides in the Venetian carnival when he gets the chance.

1. Scarcity — 200 copies

2. Attributes — 75 Luck, 25 defense

3. Behaviors — Enemy

Be on the lookout for these majestic beasts that will populate the metaverse starting from August 4th at 1PM GMT. Don’t miss a chance to become one of their lucky owners.




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