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2 min readMay 17, 2024


Unlock your Creative Potential with The Sandbox!

Exciting news for all digital creators and game enthusiasts! The Sandbox, a leading platform in user-generated content (UGC) and blockchain gaming, is thrilled to announce a new initiative: The Builders’ Launchpad.

This project is designed to transform The Sandbox Map by accelerating the publishing of innovative UGC experiences. Whether you’re an aspiring game developer or a seasoned creator, The Builders’ Launchpad is your gateway to enhancing your skills and gaining fantastic rewards.

What is The Builders’ Launchpad?

The Builders’ Launchpad is a specially curated project aimed at expanding the array of creative and engaging games within The Sandbox ecosystem. By the end of 2024, our goal is to introduce over 100 new games, enriching the platform with diverse and thrilling gameplay experiences. This initiative is not just about quantity but quality and innovation, providing a platform for creators to showcase and level up their talents.

Depending on your contribution and success, rewards range from LAND titles and SAND tokens to valuable CATALYSTs that can further enhance your creations. This is a fantastic opportunity to get rewarded for your creativity and effort.

The program offers expert guidance to help take your game designs to the next level. From conceptualization to execution, our team of experienced developers and creative minds will be there to support you every step of the way, ensuring your game reaches and attracts a wide audience.

This is your chance to shine as a featured creator and have your Experience featured on The Sandbox Map, bringing your innovative and engaging game ideas to a global audience eager for new and exciting gameplay experiences.

How to Sign Up

The Builders’ Launchpad is featured in the Events section of The Sandbox’s website. Creators are invited to submit their games to the Launchpad with specific event cards available for different game templates like Backrooms, Tower Defense, Cooking Simulator, and Resource Management. Each template serves as a launchpad for Experiences using these specific game types, offering a structured yet creative framework for your designs.

The Sandbox is committed to fostering a vibrant community of creators, and The Builders’ Launchpad is a testimony to this commitment. It’s an invitation to be bold, to innovate, and to create games that will define the next wave of UGC experiences.

Ready to make a splash in the world of The Sandbox? Join The Builders’ Launchpad and turn your creative visions into reality, getting rewarded, recognized, and becoming the next star on The Sandbox Map!

Explore the Builders’ Launchpad now!