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Monsters Have Invaded The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 2!

Can you defeat the horde of monsters, and their master, to restore peace to The Sandbox Metaverse?

Dracula’s Castle is one of the games that is coming to The Sandbox Game’s second Alpha. It is supported and funded by the Game Maker Fund. Find out more about this chillingly spooktacular game and play it today!

About The Game

Dracula’s Castle is an action-adventure horror game, in which the player ventures into a dark, atmospheric, and deeply immersive land. 🧛🏰

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This once thriving and peaceful land has been overtaken by the legendary Count Dracula and his legions of monsters. And we’re not just talking of vampires here — there are werewolves, zombies, skeleton soldiers, and more! 🐺🧟💀

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You are a demon hunter, who has been summoned by the fearful local villages to put an end to the tyrannical rein of Dracula and his minions. Your task as a demon hunter is to defeat the hordes of monsters that stand in your way. And then defeat Dracula himself, to restore peace to the region.

You will be exploring buildings, caves, forests and more, where you will meet various NPCs and monsters alike. The quests in the game are designed to make sure that every corner of the world is explored. You will be searching for important objects, buttons, and characters with very important dialogues. Some of these characters will assist you with your quests.

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Teaser Trailer

Play The Game

Join Alpha Season 2 at The Sandbox to play this spectacular, scary and exciting game today!

👉 Click here to go to the Alpha page on The Sandbox’s official website to play Dracula’s Castle, and more!

About The Creator

Dracula’s Castle is designed and developed by a creator called Remigio Maccanico, who also known as Rem in The Sandbox community. He comes from the land of some of the world’s most delicious food — Italy. He’s what he had to say:

Hello everyone! I am Rem, from Italy! I am a crypto and video game lover who has fallen in love with the whole voxel universe after having discovered The Sandbox. Since then I have been doing my best in order to create content that will be more and more beautiful as time goes by! For the first time, I can work using my creativity and my passions. That’s why when I heard about the opportunity given by The Sandbox to create a personal game experience thanks to their amazing programs “VoxEdit” and the “Game Maker” I felt immediately thrilled and I started to create the concept of the game I am going to show to you today!

I have always been a lover of both medieval and gothic styles, whether in movies, books, or video games, especially those that have dark atmospheres, places, and creatures, such as vampires, werewolves, and other mysterious and dangerous monsters of this kind.

That’s why, as you can see, the main inspiration of this game is the figure of Count Dracula, one of the most intriguing and fearsome characters of this kind!

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The Game Maker Fund

Are you an aspiring game designer? An indie studio with a great idea? Or an established game design company looking for an entry into the metaverse?

Then take a look into the Game maker Fund at The Sandbox, which is there to support and fund great gaming ideas and experiences for The Sandbox Game’s metaverse. Click here to learn more about the Game Maker Fund and how to apply.

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