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Partnership Announcement:
The Sandbox ft. Chainbreakers

We are excited to announce our partnership with Chainbreakers, a groundbreaking role-playing game that is set to revolutionize the genre!

The strategy game that launched on the Decentraland platform was created by the German studio Qwellcode in 2018. The company has already been at the forefront of many innovations in the RPG as the game design is written in smart contracts that guarantees ownership and transparency for players.

Chainbreakers is a game where players have to complete quests while evolving on their metaverse. As the game unfolds, players acquire items and units that are ERC-721 backed tokens.

As part of our partnership we will support the upcoming auction sale of Chainbreakers by giving the team a Medium ESTATE (6x6 LANDS) to welcome the franchise to our metaverse.

“This partnership creates exciting potential for Chainbreakers. Considering the teams support I highly encourage the future owner of our franchise to grab the opportunity and build something amazing within The Sandbox. The prominent location not far from Rollercoaster Tycoon can attract many players to the brand. ” — Rene Schmidt

Through this partnership, The Sandbox will later leverage the Creators Fund and its community of amazing voxel artists to help the future Chainbreakers owner to bring the game into The Sandbox

Watch the Chainbreakers ESTATE:



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