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Partnership announcement: The Sandbox ft. Matic

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Matic Network, a leading scaling solutions provider!

Matic Network has a strong interoperability proposition that aims at building more user-friendly ways to communicate and makes it easier for users to communicate and conduct transactions. Since their creation, Matic Network has been working hard to remove the main roadblocks to achieving mass adoption by a mainstream audience: high transaction fees, slow block confirmations and low scalability. Matic Network is now integrated with Ethereum and plans to integrate several other blockchains to simplify interactions between users and the decentralized ecosystem.

They have also given their strong support to multiple blockchain games along the way such as Battle Racers and Blockade Games.

Through this partnership Matic will be providing The Sandbox teams with their insights to achieve faster transactions, scale faster and help us create a better UI/UX experience for our community. On top of that, The Sandbox and Matic will work towards improving decentralized exchanges.

As part of the partnership, Matic was present on the map of Round 2 of our LAND presale. The LAND they have staked will be used as a platform to further introduce their community to NFTs and dApps, This will be the occasion for our communities to familiarize with another side of their project and meet up in their exclusive LAND.

Our third LAND presale will launch on March 31st! You can already pre-register to purchase a parcel of LAND at a discounted price.

Make sure you pre-register your wallet and confirm your email here:

Become part of our community to always be in the loop! Join the talk on one of our channels:







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