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Partnership announcement The Sandbox ft. Polyient Games

We are excited to announce our partnership with Polyient Games, an investment firm that focuses on the company solely on non-fungible tokens!

The startup incubator is fully dedicated to growing and funding NFT driven startups as well as creating a collaborative environment between startups, developers, stakeholders and third party organizations.

Through this ecosystem, Polyient Games aims at building a social layer transcending chains and helping scale NFT interoperability. The third party ecosystem functions as a collaborative platform to support the larger blockchain gaming community.

During our third round of LAND presale Polyient Games has claimed stakes in our metaverse. With this ESTATE, they will build an experience that could be the extension of the ecosystem they are already building with their project.

“Through its unique approach to Metaverse creation and NFT integration, The Sandbox has rapidly become a leader in the blockchain gaming industry,” said Brad Robertson, Polyient CEO. “We look forward to exploring new and engaging ways for our communities to interact to unlock exciting NFT opportunities.”

Through this partnership, The Sandbox would also possibly integrate the upcoming Polyient Games ecosystem as a featured launch partner. We can’t wait to explore all the possibilities this partnership opens for our teams and communities!

The next step in this partnership will be a special event around the upcoming, soon-to-released Polyient Games Founder’s Key (PGFK) holders, LAND will be randomly distributed to PGFK accounts following the official sale.

About Polyient Games Founder’s Keys

Founder’s keys are NFTs that reward early supporters of a blockchain game with lifetime perks including early access to pre-launch builds and discounts on future item sales. This founders system works to establish an early user base and build up a community before the official launch of a game.

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