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Partnership announcement: The Sandbox ft. SkyPeople

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with SkyPeople, a game developer company behind “Final Blade” which was a big hit throughout Asia.

SkyPeople is a game developer company based in South Korea and has vast knowledge and experience in the gaming industry. It’s last game “Final Blade: was ranked #2 on Google Play Store mobile games sales and was a big hit throughout Asia.

SkyPeople has been engaging in Blockchain since early 2018, starting as a Tron Super Representative(SR), and then publishing a simple Dapp game named “Dragon Castle” Starting 2019, SkyPeople started its’ next project “Five Stars” which is a full blockchain based RPG game both for mobile and web. SkyPeople is aiming to bring actual user friendly contents to both the blockchain and gaming industry.

As a part of the partnership with The Sandbox, SkyPeople plans to build a voxelized “Five Stars” theme park in The Sandbox metaverse. An ESTATE will be dedicated to build an exclusive game experience for “Five Stars” games and be a bridge between our communities.

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