Pororo the Little Penguin joins The Sandbox Metaverse

A colorful new character and his friends are joining the Metaverse on September 23rd at 1PM UTC!

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3 min readSep 9, 2021


The Sandbox, a leading decentralized gaming virtual world and a subsidiary of digital entertainment and blockchain development company Animoca Brands, has announced a partnership with ICONIX, a creative animation company and studio based in Korea.

The LAND sale will take place on September 23rd at 1PM UTC with more 800 LANDs on sale. These LANDs will be bundled with NFTs based on the beloved characters Pororo, Crong, Loppy, Petty, Poby, Eddy, Rody, Harry, and various other characters that will be launched.

NFTs bundled with the premium LANDs

Discover more about Pororo’s universe and their new adventures in the metaverse:


ICONIX has been producing popular animations such as ‘Pororo the Little Penguin’, ‘Tayo the Little Bus’, and ‘Titipo Titipo’.

Through this partnership, NFT based on Pororo’s IP will be issued on The Sandbox platform. Any users on The Sandbox will be able to own and create their own content using these NFTs.

“We’re very pleased to be able to introduce our characters and universe of Pororo to the metaverse which continues to gain global interest. By this partnership, we look forward to our Pororo being loved by gamers and creators all around the world.” — Jung-Gu Cho, Director of the Media Business Department at ICONIX

On top of this, ICONIX will also be acquiring LANDs within The Sandbox metaverse. LANDs acquired by ICONIX will be used for building a virtual theme park and RPG game based on the Pororo IP.

Pororo-based games will be developed by Facbros, which is an affiliate gaming studio of The Sandbox. The game is currently in its planning stage and more information is to be announced in the future.

“We’re very happy to see Pororo, a popular Korean character, having global presence to join The Sandbox platform.” said Yohan Lee, Korea Director for The Sandbox. “We expect the gamers to come up with a gaming content that was never seen before using Pororo based NFTs.”

The partnership between The Sandbox and Pororo was made possible thanks to ONBUFF’s collaboration, a blockchain based ‘IP agency’ platform which secured cooperations with various global IP companies including SNK IP.

The Pororo Auction

A unique Pororo NFT will be auctioned on OpenSea. There is only one copy of the main character that will be issued as an NFT, which will be auctioned on the NFT marketplace known as OpenSea.

“We are excited to create a meaningful case with the Sandbox by our IP agency platform ONBUFF. Continuing on, we will be showing a variety of contents utilizing IPs owned by ONBUFF.” — Jong Hoon Kim, CBO of ONBUFF

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