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4 min readApr 27, 2020


Gems & Catalysts are The Sandbox’s new tokens that will define the tier and scarcity of your ASSETS (aka Voxedit creations imported as NFTs on our Marketplace).

The Sandbox metaverse brand new addition are two ERC-20 tokens that will define your ASSETS tier, scarcity, and attributes. You’ll need these tokens in order to provide your NFTs defined utilities that will be used in the Sandbox metaverse, and also the scarcity and rarity that will be displayed on our Marketplace.

Read through and learn how Catalysts and Gems will change the value of the user-generated content in The Sandbox metaverse.

Disclaimer: Current values are temporary and subject to evolution.


Catalysts are Sandbox’s new utility ERC-20 tokens burnt on usage that defines your ASSET’s tier and scarcity displayed on the Marketplace. Catalysts add empty sockets to your NFTs that can be filled with Gems, the higher quality the Catalyst the more sockets your ASSET will have. In other words, the higher is the tier, the lower is the scarcity, and the more powerful the ASSET is!

Catalysts have four different tiers, which define the number of sockets and the scarcity of your ASSETS.

  • Common Catalyst: 1 Gem socket, up to 25 Atributes and 20,000 copies of the ASSET.
  • Rare Catalyst: 2 Gem sockets, up to 50 Atributes and 4,000 copies of the ASSET.
  • Epic Catalyst: 3 Gem sockets, up to 75 Atributes and 1500 copies of the ASSET.
  • Legendary Catalyst: 4 Gem sockets, up to 100 Atributes and 200 copies of the ASSET.

Catalysts can be obtained through several mechanics in the metaverse that will be announced along the way as we release more elements of the Sandbox.


In conjunction with the Catalysts, Gems are the new ERC-20 utility token burnt on usage that defines your ASSET’s attributes. Attributes define your ASSET’s main stats that will be displayed on the Sandbox’s game experiences throughout our metaverse, meaning that the more attributes your ASSETS have the more useful you’ll find them within the Sandbox, and thus incrementing its value.

One Gem will be able to provide 25 attribute points to an ASSET and with the help of Catalysts, you’ll be able to socket up to 4 Gems, meaning 100 attribute points.

Same ASSET, different tiers.

The possible attributes that you can socket are the following:

While self-explanatory, we’ll jump into the attribute’s utilities within our playable metaverse as we come close to releasing our Game Maker.

Here’s an overview of the Catalysts and Gems selection in action, see how easy it is!

Catalysts & Gems in our Marketplace

In order to add a Catalyst token in an ASSET it must be first be uploaded to the marketplace through VoxEdit. As seen at the steps listed on the image on top, you’ll need to:

  1. Select an animation, title, and description for your ASSET.
  2. In this step, you’ll be able to select a Catalyst tier and thus the number of Gems it would be able to have. You will be also able to select a predefined behavior that the ASSET will have on the Game Maker.
  3. In order to be easily found on the Marketplace, you will be required to select up to three different categories and a theme for your NFT.
  4. Finally, the last step will be the confirmation of listing your assets on our Marketplace.

*Bear in mind that the images displayed in this article are used as an example and this process could suffer changes since they are not live quite yet on The Sandbox Marketplace.

Catalysts can be added upon the ASSET’s upload to the Marketplace. and you will be able to find ASSETS that have both Catalysts and Gems with pre-defined attributes, made by the Artist but also ASSETS with empty catalysts — ie. catalysts not filled by any gem so that you can decide which Attributes will define your NFT utility in the Sandbox metaverse.

Most of ASSETS will come with empty Catalysts to allow for more customization capabilities. All ASSETS will have different Gems so different attributes. Every ASSET will be unique.

Although we are yet to fully release the Sandbox Marketplace to everyone, we’ll be selecting members of our community to test the new tokens and its flow on our Marketplace before everyone else, which leaves us on to the next point.

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