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Project Update: April 2021 — A Record Breaking Month

The month of April broke new records in The Sandbox metaverse: The Sandbox NFT marketplace beta launched and we reached new highs in our LAND sales. We have exciting news for this month so let’s recap these and other amazing news below!

Record Breaking Month

The Sandbox metaverse is constantly evolving. With each new LAND sale, we welcome more LAND Owners and eager creators that are ready to make amazing experiences within it. From the very first LAND sold back in December 2019 through April 2021 almost half of the map was sold. That means 81,030 LANDs out of the 166,464 that will ever be available already have their owners and are thus out of the market.

In that period of time, LANDS have become the talk around town and their value has subsequently increased in the past months. Our LAND sales are breaking one record after the other. The April 14th, Innovators LAND sale brought in $4,570,221 USD. By comparison, all previous sales held on our map starting all the way back in presale 1 earned a total of $3,744,088 USD.

For the month of April, sales from secondary markets represent $3,997,065 USD; combined with the Innovators sale this amounts to a whopping $8,567,286 USD. If February was already a record breaker in terms of sales, we have surpassed that with a new record in April. Combined sales for this month brought in more than the revenue earned for all of Q1 2021 combined. The Sandbox LAND sale train is picking up speed and as half of them are already sold it’s as good time as any to become a LAND owner.

The Sandbox NFT Marketplace Beta

The Sandbox NFT marketplace beta launched on March 30th featuring talented artists from all around the world. With the launch, artists can now begin monetizing their creations.

The 100+ meticulously selected NFTs put on display for the event received a warm welcome from the community and many NFTs sold out within hours of the launch.

Since then, content on the marketplace has been constantly updated via biweekly NFT drops, introducing new artists along the way.

In the first month since the release, artists featured in the marketplace have earned over 700,000 $SAND, showing the effectiveness of our model for user-generated content and user empowerment.

Visit the marketplace to grab your own NFTs!

The Sandbox Liquidity Mining Phase 4

The Sandbox liquidity mining program has initiated its fourth phase. As was the case with phase three, each month the pool will be replenished with an additional 1,500,000 $SAND and the LAND multiplier will remain active. However, from April 26th onward the liquidity pool will bring out a new NFT reward.

Stakers that have liquidity in the pool from April 26th to May 26th will be eligible for the Golden Key, opening the way for the first NFT to be awarded.

A snapshot will be taken around the end of the month of May to determine the lucky winners of the desired NFT.

Game Maker V0.6

A new update of the Game Maker was rolled out in April. Game Maker V0.6 implemented new features including:

  • External NFT Images component
  • Improved performance on bigger experiences with a large amount of ASSETS
  • Mini Map (Compass)
  • Play Mode Settings
  • Gameplay Improvements

$SAND New Exchange Listings

Our main utility token for all transactions within The Sandbox metaverse, $SAND, allows users to access our platform, play games, stake, and earn rewards, among other things. Because of that, it is important to give our users as many ways to obtain $SAND as possible.

$SAND is now listed on two more exchanges: Coinone and Klever.

$SAND is now listed on multiple platforms over the world: Uniswap, Huobi, WazirX, Upbit,, Polionex, Kyber Network, Tokyocrypto, MXC, Bitmart, Simplex, Maicoin, Bittrex, XT Exchange,, StealthEx, HitBTC, Kucoin, Coinone, and Klever.

Game Jam — A Glitch in the Metaverse

The fourth Game Jam was announced March 18th. After three successful jams, we decided to spare no expense and rounded up a total prize pool of 300,000 $SAND. Participants have until June 21st to submit an out of this world experience, amazing enough to blow the collective minds of our top-notch video games industry veteran judges.

Game Maker Fund Creations

The Game Maker’s Fund is currently supporting 30 projects and there are more to come. Some of them can already be seen at:

Apply to The Sandbox Game Maker Fund program today

VoxEdit Contest

Download VoxEdit for free

A new VoxEdit contest was launched on the Mythical Creatures theme.

The three winners were awarded 1,000 $SAND each:

1st place: Lou Carcolh — @SmakDaBunny

2nd place: Five Tail Fox — @sellanesgonzalo

3rd place: Vouivre — @NicolasBlairet

Make sure to stay up to date with our latest VoxEdit contests on HERE!

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