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Project update: Game Maker updates, VoxEdit Beta, Atari Joins The Sandbox and LAND presale sold out

This article shares the latest developments and updates on The Sandbox gaming platform.

We continue to develop and implement important tools and key features in VoxEdit and our Game Maker to allow artists, creators, and players to create unique voxel assets and game experiences.

This month’s key developments will enable a full blockchain workflow when we launch around this summer.

Read on to learn more of what The Sandbox team has been working on!

Game Maker Alpha Version

The Game Maker’s Alpha launch is mere weeks away. The release is planned for the end of April and we will start releasing it to a few LAND owners by the beginning of May before releasing it to more people in a subsequent wave. If you are a LAND owner and would like to try it out, fill this form!

This Alpha launch will enable creators to get familiar with an early version of the Game Maker and work with their assets (created in Voxedit or bought in the previous sales). For others it will be the occasion to create their first gaming experiences.

Users will have the opportunity to take control of their avatars and play around with physics or liquids behaviours… Combined with Multiply or void behaviours they can create waterfalls and endless death pits for example. Possibilities are already aplenty!

Moreover, the Alpha version presents new features and behaviours to build your first playable game: ‘victory/game over’ conditions, health and damage systems or even dialogs! This will allow users to have a well-rounded glimpse of what will become the Game Maker in a few months.

A Canyon level template with enemies to fight and traps to escape will be included with the Game Maker to present these features and teach some ways to use them… but you can also simply enjoy playing it!

first glimpse at the interface

As time goes by, our talented creators are building more and more amazing game experiences that you can explore each week on our youtube channel.

made by Joon

If you already want to create games and dioramas, and share your gaming experiences and being part of the first game developers of The Sandbox, you can apply to join our Game Maker Fund and receive a grant of up to $30,000 USD.

Apply to The Sandbox Game Maker Fund program today

made by Alex

A new version of our VoxEdit software was released at the beginning of April.

We’ve released a full article detailing all the new features and improvements on the software.

Latest changelog included:

  • Tilemap 3D ✅
  • Shortcuts System ✅
  • UX Improvement ✅
  • Bug Fixing ✅

To celebrate our VoxEdit update, we ran a contest that came to an end on March 30st. During this period we had lots of participants submit their work. It has been a fun few weeks receiving your creative assets and it is now time for us to review them all and select the winners.

We will be voting to select a few talented artists and will announce the winners in the upcoming weeks — so stay tuned!

We have a new weekly appointment with our community!

Every Saturday at 11AM ET, our Lead Artist Alex Florez aka KamiSawZe runs a live streams on Twitch: Make sure you tune in!

He regularly shares the latest update and announcements of The Sandbox and does deep dives into our upcoming Game Maker, showing how to create dioramas and exciting in-game experiences. You can find all previous streams on our Youtube page:

LAND Presale

Our third round went live on March 31st at 1PM GMT and was almost sold out within the first 30 minutes.

Metaverse Map

During the third round of the LAND presale we released 10% of available LAND in the metaverse.

On another note, for the first time, we also launched The Sandbox referral program during this third round of LAND presale. The referral system was put in place to reward our users and ambassadors that were introducing new users to our project and encouraging them to purchase LAND.

Our team has also been working hard on improving the speed and status update of our map for the next round of LAND presale. Using the feedback received from our community, we are improving the overall dashboard with new features and faster speed. A new upgraded version of the map has been released this week so that the map loads faster and with fewer bugs.

In this LAND presale round we’ve built several partnerships from mainstream companies known worldwide, like Atari and Sandbox Network, to famous blockchain brands such as Metamask, Multis, Polyient Games, Status, Wax, Gitcoin, Known Origin, Infura, Metafactory, CryptoKaiju and DappReview. Up and coming anticipated blockchain games such as Chainbreakers, League of Kingdoms, SkyPeople, as well as independent game studios like Paladin Studios and Horizon Game have also partnered with us. All of these partners have their own virtual real estate in The Sandbox metaverse and we are extremely excited about it! We also have the honor of counting Square Enix as one of our investors. The renowned company boasts a portfolio of intellectual properties including Tomb Raider®, Space Invaders® and Dragon Quest®.

Be sure to check out our community and join the discussion:







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