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Project Update: LAND Presale 4.3, Liquidity Mining Phase 3, VoxEdit 6 and Game Maker Alpha Updates

November came to an end with a new load of updates and was another month full of updates during which we announced the last round of presale that launched on November 12th, launched the second and third phases of our Liquidity Mining Program and as updated both Game Maker and VoxEdit! We’ve detailed our news below so keep on reading to learn all of our updates.


We launched our last presale 4 round 3 on November 12th.

For this round Premium LANDs made a comeback with two key partners: Atari and Binance. Premium LANDs around their ESTATE came bundled with exclusive NFTs such as the Binance Cyborg, Millipede, Wizard of Irata, Bentley Bear, Yar and Agent X among others.

For this new presale we also announced 10 new partners including Smurfs, Ultra, Ludena Protocol, Splinterlands, NFTbank and Mobox.

Read more about the partners.


The Smurfs will have their special dedicated sale later on this month. 2400 Premium LANDs will be up for grabs bundled with 4 Assets from the famous blue characters’ world. Indeed, when acquiring a Premium Smurf LAND you will get one of 14 Legendary Smurfs characters as well as 3 other characters: one of two epic enemies (Azrael or Howlibird), one rare building and a common Jokey Smurf’s explosive gift.

You can read more about the partnership and what it entails in our detailed article.

$SAND New Exchange Listings

During this month we have arranged a few additional listings. It is now even easier to acquire our token thanks to a multitude of options. $SAND token is now listed on multiple platforms over the world.

Uniswap, Huobi, WazirX, UPbit,, Polionex and Kyber Network. Now a few more platforms have welcomed the utility token: Tokyocrypto, MXC and Bitmart and Simplex. This month two additional listings were completed on Bithumb and Liquid.

Liquidity Mining Phase 3

We entered the third phase of our Liquidity Mining Program. This program allows users to stake their $SAND tokens and gain some revenue by adding liquidity to the $SAND/ETH pool on Uniswap. Continuing on the success of the previous phase we will keep the same ingredients: stakers will have the opportunity to earn back a share of the 1.5M $SAND prize pool and LAND owners will have the chance to earn a bigger share thanks to the LAND multiplier feature. Rewards are distributed pro-rata relative to a traders’ percentage of total liquidity over the course of a one month period.

You can read more about the program and how you can participate by reading our dedicated article.

Game Maker Alpha Version

Game Maker v0.3.7 was released on October 26 and was updated a few times since. The existing features were updated and bugs have been fixed.


The Gallery section available on the main menu of the Game Maker allows creators to share their game experiences with others and receive their first feedback from other players before effectively publishing said experiences. From the Gallery, you will be able to access your own creations as well as those of other creators and ones made by our teams.

Creators will have the chance to share their creations with the world and receive their first players in their experiences. This Gallery feature could serve as testing grounds upon launch as the experiences that are in the Gallery will not be part of the metaverse and won’t be accessible through the map.

Any types of experiences can be shared in the Gallery so long as they respect our Terms of Service.


The first instance of Multiplayer gameplay was introduced into the game which allows players to meet up and share. Within the Experience Gallery you’ll be able to find and play within the “Social Park” experience. This experience enables players to try out the first version of the multiplayer, explore the experience and interact with other gamers.

As a bonus, you can hang around every Friday 5pm CET and have a chit chat with our COO Sébastien Borget!

If you want to create games, share your gaming experiences and be part of the first game developers of The Sandbox, you can apply to join our Game Maker Fund and receive a grant of up to $30,000 USD.

Apply to The Sandbox Game Maker Fund program today

Game Maker Fund Creations

The Game Maker’s Fund is currently supporting 17 projects. Some of them can already be seen at

Our Game Maker Fund is full of talented artists working on building awesome game experiences that are scheduled to become playable upon the launch of our platform in Q4 of this year. Here are some of the game experiences being built at the moment by talented artists and creators from our Creator’s Fund

Check out some of their amazing creations:

Mushroom Mania — Altitude Games

The Floating Castle — Be In Dreams

Dystopia — Not Animated


A new version of VoxEdit was released a few weeks ago bringing new features to the beta version of our 3D animator. Among those new features, some rebindable shortcuts have been included: users can rebind editor keys to define new keyboard shortcuts, a new template list UI and a new “all” section have also been implemented.

You can check the full article detailing all the features and bug fixes in the main article:

Game Jam

Our second TSB Game Jam was also a great success with 11 wonderful, high quality game submissions! Check out our full recap article HERE

The theme was: Spooky Season!

The winners of the season jam were..

In First Place: Greytown by Cyber Dragon!

Game Overview: A continuation story of the Grey Labs universe and the fire and ice trial. Save your brother from Grey Labs and bring him home.

Winnings: 21,500 $SAND and 1 1x1 LAND

In Second Place: Trick or Meat by Sidhayre!

Game Overview: Treat or Meat! Beef or Chicken!

Winnings: 10,700 $SAND and 1 1x1 LAND

In Third Place: A Spooky Night in the Village by Mazz4444!

Game Overview: Your native village has always been aroused by the great dark lord called Ryuk but things are about to change tonight…

Winnings: 4,300 $SAND and 1 1x1 LAND

Check out our full recap article with all winners and videos of their games and a playthrough HERE

After a successful second jam..

We will announce a third TSB Game Jam, so keep an eye out for our announcement !

Download the Game Maker and create your own game experience now!

VoxEdit Contests

We are running biweekly VoxEdit contests over on our forum page. These contests are open to everyone and have various themes. All VoxEdit enthusiasts submit their creations in this competition. three winners are Every two weeks a new theme is announced and three winners are voted for and win a LAND each and the opportunity to upload their ASSET to the marketplace. If you want to try your hand at it don’t hesitate to participate for a chance to win a parcel of LAND!

Download VoxEdit for free

This month’s contest themes were: Living Objects and Free For All!

The winners for the Living Objects contest were:

1st: Lion King’s Dancing Candle

2nd: Grumash’s Patreecio Press

3rd: The Purple’s Dranius

Make sure to stay up to date with our latest VoxEdit contests on HERE!

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