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Project Update March 2020: The Sandbox LAND presale, VoxEdit Beta and Game Maker updates

This article shares the latest developments and updates on The Sandbox gaming platform.

Our second LAND presale round came to a close earlier this month with the successful sale of 6,192 parcels of LAND.

The launch of our newest version of The Sandbox Game Maker brings new features and improvements. Following this exciting release we are continuing to work on the blockchain ecosystem to release our blockchain-based Marketplace in preparation for our upcoming presale events.

These past weeks, we have been polishing the blockchain developments behind our next presale events to get ready for our exciting releases yet to come. From the various developments on the Marketplace and our beta release of VoxEdit with amazing new features, here is the latest news on The Sandbox Metaverse.

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LAND Presale

Our second round was launched on February 11th and lasted for 15 days. Ninety percent of available LANDS were sold during the first hour. We have been working on providing a better experience to our buyers for this second presale round. We have also been enhancing the performance of the entire Marketplace and developing new features for the metaverse map.


Metaverse Map

During the second round of the LAND presale we released 5% of the map, a bigger piece of map compared to the first round.

This created much more traffic, so to prepare for the launch of the second round of our LAND presale we worked on upgrading our Dashboard to prepare for the influx of visits as well as adding specific features. This included allowing users to edit their LANDS and ESTATES and add logos to them. In most aspects there were fewer bugs and failed transactions compared to our first outing. By the end of the presale we resolved most of the issues encountered on the marketplace.

With the feedback received from our community, we are improving the overall dashboard with new features and better speed. A new upgraded version of the map has been released this week so that the map loads faster and with fewer bugs.

Game Maker

The Game Maker’s alpha launch is fast approaching. The release is planned for April and we are working on adding new features and testing behavioral elements.

In this new iteration of the Game Maker, developers will introduce new functionalities such as sound triggers and dialog behaviours.

Display images will also make their way to the new version. Users will be able to create a surface in VoxEdit to place an image for display in the GameMaker. We can’t wait for you to show us your creative skills!


Our first dioramas have been created, and they will be showcased on our Youtube channel! The talented artists from our Creator Fund have created outstanding worlds showing the power of the Game Maker. Most of these dioramas will be available when we launch the public game later this year.

Made by Joon

If you already want to create games and dioramas, and share your gaming experiences and being part of the first game developers of The Sandbox, you can apply to join our Game Maker Fund and receive a grant of up to $30,000 USD.

Apply to The Sandbox Game Maker Fund program today

Made by Thibault


A new version of our VoxEdit software was released at the beginning of this month. Our voxel editor received a complete interface makeover with new features and new tools. The biggest update of the software since we first released it last year has received lots of positive feedback, with users praising the new version.

We are still working on adding new features and improving the software with the aim of providing a smoother and more intuitive version so that users can better navigate the software while creating awesome voxel models.

We’ve released a full article detailing all the new features and improvements on the software.

Starting today, we are launching a VoxEdit contest that will last till March 31st! Don’t forget to participate and show us your best voxel creations!

Made by Alex

Bounty Campaign

Before the launch of our second Round of the LAND presale we put out a Gleam bounty campaign that lasted for a week. This campaign was created to raise awareness toward our project. Five lucky winners were awarded with a parcel of LAND and a sixth one was awarded with an ESTATE!

Spreading the good word

With the launch of our presale we have seen many articles written about our project. Here are a few of them.








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