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Project Update: SAND Liquidity Mining, Game Maker Alpha and VoxEdit Beta Updates

What another busy month here with The Sandbox team! We’ve launched our $SAND token on more exchanges, released new updates for both the Game Maker Alpha and VoxEdit Beta, executed our first ever $SAND exclusive LAND presale, created a liquidity mining program and announced lots of new partnerships. Let’s dive into all this activity below…


Now that we’ve launched our $SAND token, let’s look at the ways it can be used and purchased. Our ERC-20 utility $SAND token will be used in three main ways: as a medium of exchange, for governance, and for staking.

$SAND trading has been enabled by our partner platform, OpenSea, where you can now purchase LAND using our token.

There are various ways to buy $SAND, and we have detailed them in this article that you can read here.

To learn more about our $SAND token, you can read our research paper published by our partner, Binance.


The $SAND token is now listed on multiple trading platforms. In addition to Binance, six additional platforms have added our token to their respective exchanges.

New options available for your choosing include:






Liquidity Mining

We have introduced a Liquidity Mining program. By providing liquidity to the $SAND/ETH pool on Uniswap and staking some $SAND on our platform, you now have the possibility to earn back a share of the fixed 1.5M $SAND in rewards per month. The pool currently has surpassed $1.5M in liquidity.

You can read more about the program and how you can participate by reading our dedicated article on the subject.

LAND Presale 4 Round 2

Presale 4.2 was the first official presale to introduce the acquisition of LAND using only the $SAND token, which is now officially the basis for all transactions on our platform.

This presale gave us an opportunity to see if our marketplace could handle transactions using this new currency. The results were a conclusive “yes” as the parts of the map that we released sold out in minutes and generated 5M $SAND in total (≈$237,000 USD at the rate of $0.047455). You can read the full breakdown of the presale and all the numbers on our sold out article.

The 4,512 LANDs that were for sale were acquired by 1,128 users in a span of four waves of sales. During this event we also released 1,128 Premium LANDS bundled with 4 Premium ASSETS: one of five Care Bears™ and three more characters from the Care-a-Lot-Kingdom.

Though Care Bears was the main partner for this presale, it wasn’t the only one. Indeed, seven new partners joined us for presale 4.2: Community Gaming, Harmony, Lootex, Cointelegraph, Arkane Network and Kyber Network have all claimed stakes of our metaverse and can be seen across our map!

We have released an article featuring our new partners and the amazing things that we’ll be doing together.

Game Maker Alpha Version

Game Maker v0.35 will be released soon, improving the overall stability and the existing features that were released mid-september for Game Maker v0.3.

Avatars (coming soon)

Avatars are the characters that you will play as within your game experiences. With this new iteration you will have the ability to select a preset model from a list and play with it in-game. Upcoming versions will allow you to further customize your avatars with different body parts, uniforms and accessories until you ultimately have the avatar of your dreams!


The Gallery section available on the main menu of the Game Maker allows creators to share their game experiences with others and receive feedback from other players before effectively publishing the experiences on our platform. From the Gallery, you will be able to access your own creations as well as those of other creators and ones made by our teams.

Creators will have the chance to share their creations with the world and receive their first players into their experiences. This Gallery feature could serve as testing grounds upon launch, as the experiences that populate the Gallery will not be part of the metaverse and won’t be accessible through the map.

Any types of experiences can be shared in the Gallery so long as they respect our Terms of Service.

Multiplayer V1 (Soon™)

Multiplayer gameplay will soon be introduced with upcoming releases. We’ve made great progress in allowing players to chat among themselves. Interactions between gamers will be possible on our main social hub and much more.

With this feature we will truly be setting the metaverse in motion.

There are exciting times ahead with this release, and we can’t wait to put it into your hands!

If you want to create games, share your gaming experiences and be part of the first game developers for The Sandbox, you can apply to join our Game Maker Fund and receive a grant of up to $30,000 USD.

Apply to The Sandbox Game Maker Fund program today

Game Maker Fund Creations

Many new worlds and game experiences are being imagined and created by our community every day.

Our Game Maker Fund is full of talented artists working on building awesome game experiences that are scheduled to become playable upon the launch of our platform in Q4 of this year. Here are some of the game experiences being built at the moment from our Fund…

Tombs of Treasures — Liu and Vladimir Zyrianov

Sweet Village — Nicolas Morrone

3D Print your Life — Erica Wagner

Dashboard Update

The Dashboard was also upgraded to accommodate the arrival of our $SAND token. We have included a brand new $SAND presentation page as well as a new press kit page.

The $SAND presentation page will give you all the required information you need to know what there is to know about our utility token.

As for the press kit page, it contains downloadable logos, videos, and high definition images that can be used to illustrate articles, posts or videos about our project. Next time you want to introduce our project to someone, you know where your first stop should be!


Along with the release of the fifth version of VoxEdit we have released a new website for VoxEdit.

This new website allows users and newcomers to see the features of our product at a glance and preview what our artists are currently working on. From here, you will now be able to download the newest version of VoxEdit.

The fifth version of VoxEdit introduces users to the Light Source Control feature. This highly requested feature gives you complete control over the light source, its orientation, its editing capabilities, and the ability to input individual lights. While creating your ASSETs you now can play with light sources and shadows to add more depth to your creations.

Download VoxEdit for free

VoxEdit contests

We are running weekly VoxEdit contests over on our forum page. Every two weeks a new theme is announced and everyone can submit their creations. Three winners are selected via votes to win a LAND and the opportunity to upload their ASSET to the marketplace! If you want to try your hand at it don’t hesitate to participate for a chance to win a parcel of LAND!

This month’s themes were: Voxelize Yourself and Medieval!

Here are the winners for the Voxelize Yourself contest:

Contest details and more information here!

Make sure to go vote on this week’s contest for your top 3 HERE! Some awesome submissions to check out!

Upcoming Game Jams!

We are very excited to announce The Sandbox game jams! Make sure you are on the lookout for our announcement post coming Monday October 5th with details for our our very first jam!

These game jams will be a great way to get involved in designing your own games in the metaverse, and there will also be PLENTY of $SAND up for grabs in prizes! Stay tuned!

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