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A collection of Roxel Robots, Retro-futuristic devices, and lively machines from the Roxel universe. Play with or against them in The Ascension, the first level of the Roxel Game. Unlock access to exclusive content.

The collection will be live from June 5th (3PM UTC), on The Sandbox Marketplace.

The Collection

Giant Mechanical Excavabot (left) ; Technomancer Engineer (right)
  • Giant Mechanical Excavabot — An intimidating living robotic excavator.
  • Technomancer Engineer —Small human with quick sai attacks and tough armor.
Flowbot Bloom Robotic Flower (left) ; Giant Electric Arachnid (right)
  • Flowbot Bloom Robotic Flower — A large, animated flower-like robot with four breathing petals.
  • Giant Electric Arachnid — A futuristic, electric spider that was designed for versatility in the tunnels, making it an invaluable resource gathering and repair tool.
Mini Black Construction Bot (left) ; Merk the electric Roxel Robot (right)
  • Mini Black Construction Bot — A small black robot equipped with hammer fists.
  • Merk the electric Roxel Robot — Merk is an Electric Roxel robot, designed for speed and to manipulate high-tension equipment. With its dark grey body and slick electric bands, Merk displays to everyone its striking power and spry qualities.
Cactbot (left) ; Data Vault Server and Console (middle) ; Robbit (right)
  • Cactbot — Do not get tricked by its pretty lights and movements, this robotic cactus can be slightly dangerous… Extremely resilient and nearly impossible to exterminate, nobody even bothers them anymore.
  • Data Vault Server and Console — A large server with futuristic details, data boards, and bright illuminations for storage and processing.
  • Robbit — Wild rabbit-like robot that roams the countryside
Large Computer Display with Graphs and Charts (left) ; HUZZAH Power Up Can Machine (middle) ; Robodog (right)
  • Large Computer Display with Graphs and Charts — A large screen board with a multitude of indicators and the Roxel sign displayed. Showing graphs, grids and scales in green tones. It can monitor the status of an experiment, a factory, or any tech device.
  • HUZZAH Power Up Can Machine — Colurful vending machine that utalizes the power of Hotz House to energize you from the inside out.
  • Robodog — This robotic dog is your best mechanised companion.
Siren Red and green light (left) ; Machoxel Great Sword (middle) ; Theobot Master Mage (right)
  • Siren Red and green light — This animated siren can switch from red to green. It can be used as an indicator or an alarm in industrial and SciFi environments.
  • Machoxel Great Sword — This electrified falchon is used to hack away at enemies.
  • Theobot Master Mage— Inundated to the most secret knowledge, this human is equipped with gold claws.
Glowing Power Gate (left) ; Technomancer Foreman (middle) ; Robotic Sunflower (right)
  • Glowing Power Gate — A mysterious black box with glowing blue bars and a pulsating core. Can be used as a teleporter, a spawn point or a charging station.
  • Technomancer Foreman — Precise cyborg-like human with dangerous attacks.
  • Robotic Sunflower — This roxel bot thrived after the great war. They are the only solar-powered robots left.
Theobot Monk (left) ; Giant Yellow Security Roxel (right)
  • Theobot Monk — This human has mastered the art of electricity and magnetic power.
  • Giant Yellow Security Roxel — Monitoring and patrolling the factory eliminating any threats.

See you on June 5th (3PM UTC), on The Sandbox Marketplace!

About Roxel Genesis — The Ascension

Welcome to the thrilling world of Roxel Robots, where retro-futuristic devices and lively machines collide to create an unparalleled experience. Prepare yourself for an NFT drop that will transport you to the captivating Roxel universe, where you can play alongside these extraordinary creations in The Ascension, the first level of the groundbreaking Roxel Game. Brace yourself for an adventure unlike any other and unlock access to exclusive content.

Imagine yourself in the year 3621, a time when humanity has faced unimaginable challenges. You awaken as a Roxel, a remarkable robot, in a post-apocalyptic world. As you emerge from the depths of a vast canyon, you embody a technological revolution with the power to shape the destiny of what remains of humanity. The choices you make will determine the path forward, as you navigate a world teetering on the edge of existence.

The Roxel Genesis Special Edition: “Chapter 2: The Ascension” marks a momentous occasion. This extraordinary Roxel Themed collection not only serves as an announcement but also solidifies our partnership with the Sandbox, a collaboration that includes three captivating experiences and a social hub supported by the Global Metaverse Federation (GMF). Prepare to be immersed in a world that will push the boundaries of your imagination.