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$SAND Adds New Global Exchange Listing: Now Available on Liquid

Leading cryptocurrency exchanges are adding the native $SAND token to their listings weekly. We recently announced that South Korean exchange Bithumb and Chinese exchange MXC have listed $SAND.

Today, we have an exciting announcement from another leading Asian exchange for our community!

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Liquid — the crypto exchange of global liquidity provider Quoine — and the listing of our $SAND token on its crypto exchange. This listing follows a string of partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and payment processing services.

$SAND is listed on Liquid

The Sandbox team has collaborated with Liquid to list the $SAND token on the cryptocurrency exchange. Users will be able to purchase $SAND tokens on the Liquid exchange as of 5:00 PM JST on November 19, 2020.

Following the $SAND Liquid listing, users will be able to trade currency pairs with $SAND tokens against fiat currency (e.g. $SAND/BTC, $SAND/USD). The trading and withdrawal of $SAND tokens on the Liquid platform will be available as of

5 Ways to Get Free $SAND on Liquid

The supply of $SAND tokens is limited. Only 3 billion have been minted. Scarcity makes $SAND an extremely valuable asset for users. Do not miss these opportunities to get your $SAND tokens for free.

  1. Buy and Swap campaign
    Total giveaway: $10,000 in $SAND
    $10 reward to First 1,000 users who Buy with VISA or Swap $SAND via Liquid.
  2. AMA session with Sandbox
    Total giveaway: $1,000 in $SAND
    The top 5 questions selected will receive the prize of $200 USD in $SAND
  3. Airdrop — Most active users
    Total giveaway: $10,000 in $SAND
    $10 rewarded to top 1,000 most active users on Liquid by trading volume
  4. Airdrop — Deposit/Rt/Follow
    Total giveaway: $10,000 in $SAND
    Randomly chosen 100 participants will receive the prize of $100 USD in $SAND
  5. Sandbox Trading Contest
    Total giveaway: $10,000 in $SAND

To learn about more ways to get $SAND to read How To Get $SAND — The Key to the Sandbox Virtual World.

What is $SAND?

$SAND is the ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token powers The Sandbox gaming metaverse. $SAND is utilized within the ecosystem as the key asset for all the transactions. Participants on the platform use $SAND to play games, and sell and buy gaming ASSETS and LANDS. The token rewards game markets, creators, and LAND holders. In addition, holders of the $SAND token are able to participate in the governance of the ecosystem.

What is Liquid?

Liquid is the world’s largest crypto-fiat platform by transaction volume regulated in Japan. The exchange is creating a global liquidity pool for fiat and cryptocurrency pairs through World Book. World Book is a multi-market order matching software that shares liquidity among multiple order books. Customers benefit from enhanced price matching and deeper liquidity for fiat and crypto pairs.



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