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$SAND by The Sandbox gets listed on Huobi Platform

Recently, we launched the much-awaited utility token, $SAND. It has been an initiative to render our experience into creating interest among gamers and blockchain enthusiasts. We launched $SAND as an ERC utility token that works as the main key to the experience in The Sandbox metaverse. We added $SAND to our The Sandbox virtual metaverse that allows the users to create their own experience and also monetize it on the Ethereum blockchain. Our ideology behind creating it has been to provide a truly decentralized platform to the players that can enable them to create their assets and upload them as NFTs.

Now, we are glad to announce that we have been able to achieve another benchmark as $SAND token has been listed in one of the most popular crypto exchanges of Singapore, Huobi. It indeed is an achievement for us at The Sandbox because as a team who always wants to serve the blockchain community zealously, we have realized our aim to make $SAND more accessible to the crypto fanatics. This has made us happier as it comes right after the successful acceptance of $SAND across the globe.

Huobi is a widely popular crypto exchange that has a large number of followers and crypto enthusiasts that have been using the platform for many years. Hence, we are well aware that this is a big achievement for The Sandbox. However, calling it an achievement by us alone will not suffice the efforts and time that The Sandbox users have rendered to creating it a success. It is through quick acceptance by our community and network that has led $SAND to become this popular.

The Huobi listing will hopefully be an amazing turn for $SAND token. We will strive to make it a big and most sought after token for crypto users and gamers who are always looking forward to a well-crafted experience through The Sandbox. Moreover, the listing of $SAND on Huobi has added the benefit of more credibility for our users, along with the ease to transact and purchase in the exchange. We are keen to get connected with the wide network of Huobi, as we know that guys will lead the $SAND into becoming even bigger and better with the day.

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