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SAND will be available on MaiCoin | MAX Exchange

The native $SAND token will now be available on MaiCoin Asset Exchange (MAX Exchange) from December 10, 2020. The offer joins the recent launches that our token has had in the main global cryptocurrency exchanges.

MaiCoin is a leading platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Taiwan established in 2014. MaiCoin | MAX Exchange adds the $SAND token within its offering assets with the SAND/USDT pair so that its users can buy and sell the native token at any time.

As part of The Sandbox team’s effort to give its native token more liquidity and expand its offering on major global exchanges, users will be able to buy $SAND tokens now on MaiCoin | MAX Exchange alongside other renowned assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

To celebrate the news of the MaiCoin | MAX Exchange enlistment of the $SAND token, users who buy 1000 $SAND and stake MAX Token, will receive an extra 100 $SAND!

This campaign will be active between December 12, 2020, until December 30, 2020, and will be limited to 1000 users.

SAND airdrop for MAX VIP

In addition, VIP users within the MaiCoin | MAX Exchange platform will be able to enjoy a fantastic Airdrop according to their level of up to 6,000 $SAND tokens between December 07 and 11, 2020.

The Airdrop depends on the highest level reached by the participating user between the aforementioned dates. You can find more information about it by clicking on this link.

MaiCoin Group has its LAND in The Sandbox

The blockchain gaming market is on the rise. And with this, NFT games are on the rise too, as some specialized media have shown in this regard.

With a volume of transactions from the end of last year to the present reaching 1.81 million US dollars, as Blocktempo highlighted in a recent article about the platform, the interest of large companies to locate their virtual space in the game The Sandbox is growing.

In that sense, MaiCoin Group, our most recent ally to list the platform’s native token, has decided to acquire its space in the metaverse of The Sandbox, at the ground coordinates (-162, -48), very close to Lootex, the site Taiwan Blockchain Treasure Auction Virtual.

About SAND

SAND is the native token of our gaming platform The Sandbox, an ERC-20 application token built on the Ethereum Blockchain, which is used by gamers, content creators, and investors alike.

SAND is a fungible, divisible, and mutually replaceable token. The tokens listed on the MaiCoin | MAX Exchange are all homogenized tokens. The token powers the metaverse of The Sandbox game.

About MaiCoin Group

MaiCoin was founded in 2014 and is both the largest and oldest digital asset brokerage in Taiwan. The MaiCoin group is composed of MaiCoin, MAX, MaiCapital, and AMIS.

Since 2014, MaiCoin has provided a platform for NTD-cryptocurrency trading. MaiCoin was also the first platform in Taiwan to list Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

Just launched in 2018, MAX digital asset exchange ranked as the world’s 15th largest crypto-fiat currency exchange just 7 months later, with a trading volume that exceeded NT $5.4 billion. MAX is also the first exchange to guarantee user funds through direct deposits in a bank trust. AMIS is a subsidiary company that covers MaiCoin Group's underlying blockchain technology.



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