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Shibuya LAND Sale

Let’s go to Shibuya!

Premium NFTs

Kawaii Fairy — full set (left) ; Quu — full set (right)
COCO (left) ; Neon (right)
  • Kawaii Fairy (full set) — The full set to become the cutest fairy of the metaverse!
  • Quu (full set) — A familiar statue that you’ve probably seen in Shibuya…
  • COCO — COCO is a small but happy dog, full of energy. He rarely leaves Neon’s side.
  • Neon — A cute Japanese school girl with bright neon hair. She is the owner of COCO.
  • SHIBUYA109 — SHIBUYA109 LAND is a voxelized version of the iconic Tokyo landmark. There you’ll find the iconic Shibuya crossing, SHIBUYA109 mall, and other notable spots from the neighborhood. SHIBUYA109 will collaborate with several artists to develop a virtual city that can only be experienced through the virtual Shibuya.
  • DanceFight — Welcome to THE competition venue in The Sandbox, a space where Creators and Fans gather for mind-blowing experiences that can only live in the metaverse. Ready to battle and cheer on your favorites? Bring the love as the world’s most talented street dancers from the DanceFight community come to life in The Sandbox.

ESTATE Auctions

Head over to the Sandbox map on April 7th at 1PM UTC and take your chance to own LAND in the Shibuya neighborhood!



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