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Shift/Space Studio Brings Out Metaverse Residences to The Sandbox with Project Aurora

The first real architecture project in The Sandbox designed, planned and executed by real architects.

Shift/Space® is a brand new metaverse architecture studio from Hamburg, Germany — established by co-founders Patrick Vogel and Ronny Mähl.

Their goal is to bring contemporary and unique architecture to The Sandbox metaverse. With the launch of the first residence from the Project Aurora, Shift/Space® is officially going live with their new studio in web and real world, planning, creating and designing avant-garde buildings. In total, 9 residences will be released with custom assets and contemporary architecture.

Every single building is designed and sketched out by hand and then transformed to custom luxury architecture.

The first Mansion will be auctioned on OpenSea on the 24th of February at 3PM UTC. The highest bidder will become the owner of a bundle comprised of a unique piece of LAND, the carefully designed building itself, as well as countless custom assets like architectural building elements, design furniture and many more props.

Imagine this: a beautifully shaped rows of columns and beams, a modern, stylish and luxurious villa with beautifully designed outdoor spaces and two main pool areas with an infinity pool, green walls, design sun beds and roof terraces are just a few of the key points of this home… The interior can be seen as a huge whitespace with lots of room for customization and virtual design furniture. Everything is possible.

The future real estate owner can use all the assets, the LAND and most importantly the architecture itself. Of course as a highly valued investment, an event location, a place to rent and potentially earn a passive income or even as a beautiful place to spend some virtual quality-time. Chill out in the sun and take a bath — or throw vibrant parties and show people a place like nothing else.

NFT Drop

As the auction starts on Feb 24th at 3PM UTC, we will also launch an NFT drop in The Sandbox marketplace that will include additional handcrafted characters and design assets. Try to be one of the first to collect them and add them to your future garden party!

There is much more to come so keep an eye out for them in the near future!



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