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Shinytures: Finding The Lost Creatures

Shinytures: Finding The Lost Creatures available exclusively in The Sandbox

About The Sandbox

The Sandbox game has come a long way from its early stages as we implement features and specialized tools that will allow users and creators to turn their lands into amazing, highly customizable worlds. Our development team is constantly working to make The Sandbox a game-making experience that will stand out from the rest. Vox Edit, Game Maker, and Marketplace and $SAND Cryptocurrency are some of the challenges progress we’ve made for The Sandbox gaming platform.

Game Maker’s Fund is one of the projects that support artists from all over the world to create amazing experiences in the Game Maker…

Let’s see a little more!

The game

Shinytures: Finding The Lost Creatures it’s an adventure where you can get mesmerized by accomplishing the missions you are giving as a member of the spatial organization. This organization takes care of reviving all the Shinytures that can be found on the planet you were assigned to, as a breeder.

The Shinytures are always found on the planets in an egg stage, this is a sample of how you can see these type of eggs:

In order to revive the Shinytures, you will need to use the Organization’s technology called the Hatch Machines:

At this point, you will wonder: How will the Shinytures look like?

Well, we are going to start with a Red Shinyture and its evolution:

The creator behind the game: Chimpabastian

“Hi everyone, I’m Chimpabastian, a video game lover. It was due to this passion I feel for the games that I prepared myself to develop them. This has been my career for more than three years, which has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The indie video games industry allows you to form yourself as a generalist and although my speciality is developing, thanks to this wonderful world, I’ve been able to work also as a game designer, artist, full stack developer and in the marketing area.”

The Sandbox Game and Game Makers Fund teams are happy to support the development of this amazing experience.

Join the fund and share your idea. I will be glad to hear more about you!

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