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Shiver me timbers! Shadows of the High Seas, a metaverse experience, sails into The Sandbox

Shadows of the High Seas is one of the projects supported by The Sandbox’s Game Maker Fund. Learn more about this treasure trove of a game that is exclusive to The Sandbox metaverse.

About the Experience

Ahoy matey! A fast-paced arcade-style game, Shadows of the High Seas is a pirate-themed survival game that is set within a very mysterious coastal cavern. But you’re not alone.

The cavern is also inhabited by a phantom pirate ship and its ghostly crew, who were shipwrecked and now trapped in the very same cavern.

“We initially set ourselves a goal to make a game that we could see ourselves genuinely enjoying, and we’re very happy to have achieved this! Looking forward to more games to come.” — Havoc Studios

The ghost crew have sworn to protect their plundered treasures from other pirates who try to recover it, and will launch an onslaught of devastating attacks from their phantom ship to protect all that treasure from any pirates who make the mistake of thinking it is easy pickings.

Luckily, Cap’n Chipper Toes is on hand to show you the ropes and basics of pirating and plundering. And dodging cannonballs. Shadows of the High Seas will be first available to play during The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 3.

Shadows of the High Seas Teaser

What To Expect

The player must dodge a plethora of dangerous obstacles while collecting the lost treasures of the phantom crew to earn points in the game. Expect to be dealing with cannonballs, chain shot, and spike traps. Oh, and a massive Kraken.

While you’re there, keep an eye out for secret treasures scattered around the cavern. Can you find the rumoured pirate hat with a parrot on top?

Shadows of the High Seas Trailer

Avoid and survive the onslaught from the phantom ship and you might just set yourself a new high score in the game. Quests can be obtained from characters such as Cap’n Chipper Toes, Esme Deepwaters, and Skully Stubbs. Completing quests also enables you to gather pirate gear to get a better edge against the phantom pirates.

“Shadows of the High Seas offers fast-paced action that will keep players coming back. An exciting array of obstacles will keep players on their toes as they try to compete for better runs. We had a blast going back and forth competing to set new high scores and one upping each other, and we think other players will too! It’s just plain fun!” — Havoc Studios

Good luck sailor, how much loot can ye grab before Poseidon’s cold, inky waters claims your soul too?


Let’s take a peek into this experience.

Let’s check out some of the assets from this game too.

The Creator

Shadows of the High Seas is designed and developed by Havoc Studios. Here’s what they had to say.

Havoc Studios is a trio of developers from across the United States. While we’re still somewhat new to The Sandbox, we got our start creating custom games together in Minecraft for the past decade. We first found The Sandbox in late 2021 during The Walking Dead Game Jam, in which one of our team members placed 2nd with “The Train of the Dead.” We’re proud to say that ever since, we’ve placed Top 10 in each Game Jam we’ve entered with our games such as “Golf Through the Metaverse,” “Meta Mutants,” and “Music Mayhem,” which was featured in Alpha Season 2. The creative freedom The Sandbox allows for has been a breath of fresh air, allowing us to really push the limits of our imaginations. We look forward to bringing many fun games to the platform in the future!

Working on this project has been a fun run of pushing The Game Maker to its limits and discovering new possibilities as a result. Many, many hours were spent simply testing different concepts to see what we could possibly use as an obstacle, but would also be fun for the player. Making nice looking assets we’re proud of artistically is definitely a plus. In the end it’s always incredibly rewarding to reach that point where everything starts coming together into a cohesive, polished game.

This project would not be possible without the Game Maker and VoxEdit. Everything you see in Shadows of the High Seas was made using these tools. We enjoyed using the tools offered in the Game Maker software and VoxEdit in new ways to create a one of a kind experience!

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