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4 min readFeb 8, 2023


It’s no secret that VoxEdit is the one-stop-shop to model, rig, and animate your Voxel assets and share it with the world, all of that for free. As part of our ever-ongoing effort to listen to our community and make The Sandbox accessible to all, VoxEdit just got a brand new update! Starting with localization in 11 languages, the changes make it easier than ever to unleash your imagination in the metaverse!

So what can you expect in this new update?


  • Make sure to back up your files before upgrading to avoid any version conflicts
  • The new version goes live on 8 February at 2pm UTC
  • Localization in 11 languages
  • Quality of life improvements with:
  • Multiple selection tools
  • Hotkeys and contextual menus
  • Many other shortcuts and tools to make your day-to-day workflow a cinch!
  • Enhancements such as faster loading times, guides, and naming suggestions
  • Various fixes based on our awesome community’s feedback

The new VoxEdit version was released on 8 February at 2pm UTC. Before you upgrade, we strongly recommend you backup your files to avoid any version conflicts!

To get you started, our streamer extraordinaire Pandapops already prepared a video to guide you through all the latest features.

The new update brings you VoxEdit localized into 11 versions in total, namely:

  • English
  • Mandarin Chinese (simplified and traditional)
  • Korean
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Turkish
  • Thai
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

For more details, you can also find the full list of changes below:

  • Lots of new multiple selection features to maximize your productivity:
  • Drag a box to select multiple Models & Nodes in the Viewport.
  • Use a mix of CTRL/CMD & SHFT click to add, remove content from a selection.
  • Select multiple Nodes in the Viewport & Skeleton Panel.
  • Select multiple VXM models in the Library Panel.
  • Select multiple Layers in the Modeler.
  • Select a Node with a model attached to find it in the Library Panel.
  • Flip & Rotate Multiple selected Layers.
  • Drag & Drop to replace a model attached to multiple Nodes.
  • Delete, Rename & Duplicate multiple Nodes, Models, Animations and Layers at once.
  • More hotkeys and contextual menus to speed up your creation process:
  • Added contextual menus for Models & Animations .
  • Local (Panel) Focus system.
  • Shared Content hotkeys added:
  • CTRL/CMD+A — Select All [Skeleton / Viewport / Timeline].
  • CTRL/CMD+D — Duplicate [Library / Skeleton / Animation List / Layer].
  • CTRL/CMD+R — Rename [Library / Skeleton / Animation List / Layer].
  • CTRL/CMD+C — Copy [Timeline Copy Keyframes].
  • CTRL/CMD+V — Paste [Timeline Paste Keyframes].
  • CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+V — Paste flipped [Timeline Paste Keyframes Flipped].
  • Del/Supr — Delete [Library / Skeleton / Animation List / Viewport / Layer].
  • SHFT+Del/Supr — Unlink VXM model (Skeleton / Viewport].
  • CTRL/CMD+N — New [Layer].
  • Open contextual menus to see available hotkeys. Updating Key combinations [File>Preference>Shortcuts] are reflected.
  • More quality of life upgrades to improve your day-to-day:
  • Search fast within the animation list with keyboard press e.g W = Walk.
  • Repeat tap the keyboard press to cycle through the animation results.
  • Expand and collapse selected Node Hierarchy with SHFT+click on +/- button.
  • SHFT+A click on a Node to select it’s hierarchy [node and children] in Skeleton & Viewport Panel.
  • Move voxels based on camera with keyboard arrows, SHFT+Up/Down for third Axis.
  • Set keyframe on selected Node with hotkey S.
  • Set keyframe on selected Node and all children with hotkey SHFT+S.
  • Color Picker active toggle (Tab) (Photoshop style).
  • Localization added for Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese & Traditional Chinese and more.
  • Library toolbar now replaces individual thumbnail toolbars, see more thumbnails in the library,
  • We also listened to your feedback and implemented the following fixes:
  • ViewCube returned to the Orthographic view.
  • Rotation snapping fixed (Shift+LMB).
  • Gizmo in Orthographic view no longer shrinks or grows unpredictably.
  • Panning in Orthographic view no longer grows closer to the camera near the middle of the screen.
  • Pivot tool will now Shift+drag in increments of 0.5 when voxels are selected.

As this is a brand new version, friendly reminder: we strongly recommend you backup your files before upgrading to avoid any version conflicts. Also, please note that we are already aware of a few areas to improve, and are currently working on fixing the following issues:

  • MacOS Ventura incompatible with VoxEdit. Solution in progress.
  • Large number of nodes slows down the viewport refresh rate.
  • Large models take a few seconds to activate when entering Modeling Mode.
  • Large models remain slow to Select and Edit.

So what are you waiting for? Try out all these new features for yourself: download VoxEdit for FREE here and start creating today!