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Sweet Village

The sweetest experience is available exclusively in The Sandbox

Somewhere in the multiverse, there is a town made of sweets and desserts, on a giant sponge cake, with chocolate roads and a population just as sweet. But this colorful village has a common problem; a problem that only a person can solve…meet the game at The Sandbox.

About The Sandbox

The Sandbox game has come a long way from its early stages as we implement features and specialized tools that will allow users and creators to turn their lands into amazing, highly customizable worlds. Our development team is constantly working to make The Sandbox a game-making experience that will stand out from the rest. Vox Edit, Game Maker, and Marketplace and $SAND Cryptocurrency are some of the challenges progress we’ve made for The Sandbox gaming platform.

Game Maker’s Fund is one of the projects that support artists from all over the world to create amazing experiences in the Game Maker…
Let’s see a little more!

The game sweet roll

This is Rex. Many legends were told by ancient yummy bears but certainly, nobody could answer how Rex got into this candy world.
Who knows, maybe he ate too many candies and showed up here.
Whatever the reason for his arrival, it appears that he’s the only hope for the Sweet Village🍭.

The village’s problem is the constant siege of the minions of Halloween Town, who try to steal their most precious item: Star Candy.

There are two objectives to complete in this game:

  • Recover all the Star Candy🍬
  • Find the hiding place of the pumpkins to end this threat forever.

Candies 🍬 are located in areas around the city, which will require the player to use their jumping and moving skills to reach them.
When you find the pumpkin tunnel, the game becomes a cave exploration where you will encounter enemies that you’ll have to fight. Who knows what else is lurking in the shadows…

Play the game while eating your favorite sweets! 🍭🍫🍡

Sweet and Tasty: Yummy assets

Rainbow bridges, candy canes, gummies, gingerbread houses, ice cream trees, donuts, and amazing other assets were created for you to enjoy in this game.🌈🍫🍩🧁

As you can see in the game, voxelized art allows a lot of different creative ideas. Have you tried VoxEdit? Find the latest version here.

Gingerbread: Meet the creator behind Sweet Village

Benjiro, a cool illustrator, pixel artist, animator, and game designer, has worked on several video games.

He connected with The Sandbox Game since it was a pixel art game. Sweet Village🍭 was his first opportunity to design a level inside The Sandbox. Using Game Maker to create the game provided a great opportunity to put all his diverse skills to the test.

A huge fan of food stages in video games, he sent the proposal applying to the Game Maker Fund. That’s how the idea of Sweet Village🍭 began; a colorful platformer that will make you hungry.

Why are people going to love the game?

Sweet Village🍭 is full of food, which is a huge part of our lives. We’re quite sure we will love to explore and find different aspects like Hansel and Gretel — but without witches to eat us! It’s been a fun experience.

The Sandbox Game and Game Makers Fund teams are happy to support the development of this amazing experience.

Join the fund and share your idea. I will be glad to hear more about you! Written by solverniers for The Sandbox

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