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The Andy Richy & Tuschay Studios NFT Drop

Andy Richy and Tuschay Studios are joining forces once again to bring you an NFT collection that will rock the Metaverse.

Join the Boop Goop team and Funguy Family on Friday, January 21st at 3PM UTC for an NFT sale of epic proportions!

Andy and Tuschay are two creators that have been building a community within The Sandbox Metaverse based around learning and developing the potentials of the Game Maker and leveling up players’ experiences.

Following their partnership with the Sandbox and the acquisition of an ESTATE on the Metaverse, Andy and Tuschay are back for more. This time they are bringing the Boopiest Goopiest NFTs to the Marketplace. Discover a collection that includes some cool ducks, funguys and of course their avatars.

The NFTs

Left: Andy Richy’s avatar | Right: Tuschay’s Avatar

Discover the new collection and grab the ones the ones you like before they all sell out. If you want to see more of these NFTs, download the Game Maker and head over to the Boop Goop social hub featured in the Gallery to play around with them!




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