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The Creator Fund’s November Highlights NFT Drop

A collection of NFTs created by members of The Sandbox Creator Fund.

Discover a collection of carefully selected NFTs that have been designed by a team of talented artists.

The new collection, dropping in the Marketplace on Friday November 26th at 3PM UTC, is a selection of creme de la creme NFTs scooped created by artists from the Creator Fund. Discover all of these amazing creations below !

From left to right: Rhino Mecha | Spirit Master Kitsune | Spirit of the First Sunrise
From left to right: Moon Goddess Chang’e | The Apparition | Arctic Centaur Archer
Left: Bird Elf Harpy | Right: Cyber Dump Kong Zombie
From left to right : Vampire Kong | Angry Werewolf | Thick Fly
Left: Haunted Tree | Right: The Sushi Monster Restaurant
Left: Celebration Bear | Right: Undead Vampire
Eye on Metaverse Ferris wheel

Head over to the Marketplace on November 26th at 3:00PM UTC to get your hands on this selection of exclusive NFTs before it’s too late.




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