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The Sandbox Project Update — Autumn 2021

The Sandbox Alpha launch, new NFT drops, contests aplenty and a multitude of more events. Read about everything that happened this autumn in the Metaverse.

Let’s close the year with a recap of everything that happened in the Sandbox Metaverse during the autumnal season of 2021.


  • The Sandbox Alpha
  • New Staking Program: mSAND/MATIC Pair
  • The LAND Sales: Snoopverse & Quan
  • The Sandbox Marketplace Beta — NFT drops
  • Game Jam: SAND Play & The Walking Dead
  • The Sandbox VoxEdit Beta 0.7.1

The Sandbox Alpha

The Sandbox Alpha, our open multi-week event and the very first instance of Play-to-Earn within the Metaverse took place between November 29 till December 20th. During these three weeks, over 200,000 players discovered the Alpha Hub and two other exclusive experiences.

5,000 Alpha Pass granted lucky winners the opportunity to explore the full 18 experiences of the Alpha Season and earn up to 1,000 SAND and three NFTs.

This season was also the opportunity for the team to launch the Game Client, the platform through which players could access our Alpha ecosystem and connect with other players from around the world. Furthermore, the Alpha was the event that allowed us to have fun and create a deeper bond with our community.

More seasons will come in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

New staking program: mSAND/MATIC

Preceding the move of The Sandbox ecosystem to the Polygon environment, we are introducing a new staking program on Layer-2. This new program comes with a lot of perks for stakers of the mSAND/MATIC pair, including an important decrease in the amount spent on gas fees when staking.

You can read more about the program and how you can participate by reading our article:

The Snoopverse LAND Sales

On December 2nd and December 16th, The Sandbox map unlocked the Snoopverse corner of the metaverse. During these two LAND sales, the Doggfather and his partners made an epic entry into The Sandbox. The hundreds of LANDs available for sale sold out seconds after both sales went live. We welcomed 221 first-time LAND buyers, 366 unique buyers. 872.289 SAND (~$4,8M USD) was received from the direct sales and 584.871 SAND (~$3,1M USD) was received from auctions.

The Quan LAND Sale

The popular Japanese Quan messenger sticker characters also had their time in the Metaverse with a LAND sale that took place on November 4th. The 250 LANDs were sold to 188 unique buyers (121 of which were first-time buyers) for a total of 619,950 $SAND (~$1.69M USD).

Game Jams

The Walking Dead Game Jam

A The Walking Dead themed Game Jam took place in November 2021 that garnered over 800 post-apocalyptic game experiences.

The participants’ brain cells were certainly not in walker mode and we had to sort through the amazing experiences that were submitted in connection to The Walking Dead universe.

Discover the winning submissions in the Award ceremony below:

The SAND Play Game Jam

Following our VoxEdit contest we once again teamed up with Round21 but this time for a sporty themed Game Jam!

This contest is still opened so if you feel you have what it takes to knock this contest out of the park, read on to see how you can take part for a chance to win your share of the 50,000 SAND prize pool:

The Sandbox NFT Marketplace Beta

The Sandbox NFT Marketplace beta is the place where artists can showcase their creations and monetize them. From October XX to December XX there were XX NFT drops that were successfully featured in the Marketplace. More than ever before, the Marketplace is becoming the place for artists to monetise their creations. The team will strive to develop more features and slowly open up the Marketplace to more artists.

Discover below some of the amazing NFT drops that occurred in Autumn of 2021.

Visit the marketplace now to get your own NFTs!

VoxEdit Beta 0.7.1 — New Features

A new version of our VoxEdit Beta came out on November

This new version of VoxEdit now:

Support 16 layers

Added a depth view toggle in the 2D view in the modeller.

Includes a “Reset to Default” option in File menus

This clears all the editor’s configurations to the default settings, fixing possible issues with retro-compatibility or monitors being plugged in/out between sessions.

For the full changelog and a view of all the great features that are now live in VoxEdit, it’s right here:

Download VoxEdit for free and start creating your own amazing ASSETs today.

With every new LAND sale, every contest launched, every event hosted we are humbled to see the amount of participants and the enthusiasm that everyone shows. We are thankful for the continuous support you show us and we will continue to work towards achieving a decentralized, UGC-filled Metaverse for you all.

2022 will be another year full of contests, sales, NFTs drops, Alpha Seasons and overall more ways for you to create and monetise. Thank you for supporting us through the years.

Here’s to another year of greatness within The Sandbox Metaverse!

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