The Game Maker Fund’s Christmas Eve Miracle social hub brings the joy and magic of Christmas to The Sandbox’s Metaverse

Christmas has arrived in the Metaverse!

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4 min readDec 7, 2021


Introducing the Christmas Eve Miracle

The Christmas Eve Miracle is a social hub in The Sandbox, which is being developed by LuluLand, and is supported by the Game Maker Fund.

Located at the co-ordinates 12,24 on the map of The Sandbox metaverse, the Christmas Eve Miracle social hub is a magical and joyful experience that will bring players together to be entertained and to celebrate Christmas with each other in a safe and inclusive virtual environment within The Sandbox’s metaverse.

Head over to the experience now!

About the experience

In the Christmas Eve Miracle social hub, players can participate in or sometimes host a variety of events and activities.

For example, gamers can participate in treasure hunts to find Snowmen or Santa Claus to win prizes, play hide-and-seek, and find many, many more fun activities to join in.

Just some of the treasure hunt NPCs. Will you be able to find them all?

Visitors can also appreciate the art in the experience, hold parties, socialise with others (and wish them a Merry Christmas of course), explore the world — whether to appreciate its architecture or to try and discover hidden secrets—, and more. Every NPC in the experience will have their own unique backgrounds too — everyone has a story to tell.

“The inspiration behind the experience is no matter the time zone, distance, familiarity, and history, family, friends and lovers can get together any time under the Christmas Scene in The Sandbox. A true friend, a dear lover, and a happy family are the source of happiness.” — LuluLand

Whether you’re taking part in games and events, partying on the dance floor in front of the concert stage, visiting and taking part in activities in the many festive buildings, exploring the nearby mountain, or riding the Christmas Train — and so on— there is always something to do in the Christmas Eve Miracle social hub.

“Play-to-earn does not not only mean earn money, but also earn friendship, love, happiness and one’s true own. Snow will melt, but the warm heart will never melt.” — LuluLand

LuluLand will change the experience each year (maybe even sooner) to add new activities, events, secrets and layouts. Especially as more and more features are released in The Sandbox’s Game Maker software to enable them to create bigger and better magical Christmas experiences year after year.


Take a look at one of Christmas Eve Miracle’s trailers:

About LuluLand

LuluLand, established in 2021 New York, is a cultural IP native to The Sandbox Metaverse. Here’s what they had to say:

Committed to building the cultural system of The Sandbox and initiated by council members from SanDAO, LuluLand is always adhering to the core value of “In Thy light shall we see light”, and shoulders the mission of creating and building a better The Sandbox metaverse world. Initiating from love, with sincere love and care, we focus on building a new lifestyle and spirit for people in The Sandbox world. Implement fullness of the universe as the starting point, utilize the in-depth analysis of people’s demands for a better world, interact with more blockchain communities, LuluLand is leading the virtual world to map a warmer, better, and healthy realistic world.

At the time of posting, LuluLand’s team consists of:

  • Lulu — Chairperson.
  • Oldwon — Lead Artist.
  • Carson — Representative.
  • 4Leaves — Assistant Artist.
  • Orian — Assistant Artist.
  • Santu — Media Manager

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About the Game Maker Fund

The Game Maker Fund is an initiative that supports game designers in The Sandbox.

The main purpose is to reward and incentivise those who have proven skills in game design or digital world design to help them produce and publish excellent games and other experiences (such as galleries, educational dioramas, and so on) for players of The Sandbox to visit, play and enjoy. The designers will also be able to monetise this experience when it is launched.

Merry (early) Christmas to every single one of you, from The Sandbox and the Game Maker Fund. We’ll see you soon in the metaverse. But for now, we leave you with these parting words from LuluLand:

“Never underestimate your potential and never underestimate your impulse to create! “— LuluLand