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The Lady Pixy Back To Work NFT Drop

A new collection signed by Lady Pixy is entering the Marketplace on November 27th at 3PM UTC!

Get the best Avatar to flaunt at work — even in the Metaverse, thanks to Lady Pixy’s new NFT collection.

Discover the new collection of Avatars new collection, dropping in the Marketplace on Saturday November 27th at 3PM UTC.

From left to right: Female Teacher | Motorcycle Coach | Cool Judge
Left: Shimmy Dancer | Right: Undefeated Boxer


Each and every one of these ten Avatars have unique designs and are released in limited edition in The Sandbox marketplace.

Three copies of each Avatars have been minted but only one copy will be for sale on our Marketplace. The remaining two will also have their time under the Metaverse sun so keep an eye out for them!

From left to right: Army Man | James the Firehead | Sailor Blue
Left: The Tough Gladiator | Right: The Ultimate Fighter

New Avatars are marching to the Marketplace on Saturday November 27th so head over to the marketplace to put your hands on them before someone else does. With only one copy available, there’s only one chance to get the avatar of your dream job!



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