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The “Level Up” Game Jam — Winners!


We would first like to take this moment to thank each and every single one of you whom participated in the third and largest TSB game jam to date!

We received 40 very unique submissions with ideas ranging from driving simulators to full blown “Cyberpunk” themed experiences! We distributed out over 370,000 SAND (Yes we even put more into the pot!) and 40+ LANDS to these awesome creators!

It is creators like you that drive The Sandbox ecosystem and thus there are some amazing jams to come so stay tuned!

This Jam’s theme was: Level Up!

The Game Entries!

We were blown away at the variety in the 40 game entries we received. The sheer amount of time and dedication spent into these games are what is shaping the metaverse as we know it!

The Top 10

The top 10 for the “Level Up” jam in no particular order were..

  • Bonecrusher by: Kodi
  • Ninja Mission by: Yui
  • The Museum by: Leandro
  • Sandpunk by: Alexander
  • Escape by: Masahiro
  • Squirrel Season by: Alisa
  • Force Majeure by: Kimsen
  • Total Defense by: Hien
  • Grey Station by: Cyberdragon
  • Land Of Valentina by: Andy

Each one of these submissions won: 5,000 $SAND each Including one 1x1 LAND!

The Top 3 Winners!

In Third Place..

Grey Station by: CyberDragon Games

Overview: Part 3 of the Grey saga. Invade the underwater station to find out how to fix the zombie problem.

Prize Won: 25,000 $SAND and 1 1x1 LAND!

In Second Place..

Escape by: Masahiro

Overview: The player is not a warrior with a weapon. One purpose is to get out of the house safely.

Prize Won: 50,000 $SAND and 1 1x1 LAND!

And your first place “Level Up” Game Jam winner is!..

Force Majeure by: Kimsen

Overview: The Saga of a Corrupted Kingdom. Will the hero ever find out what’s wrong in this world?

Prize Won: 200,000 $SAND and 1 1x1 LAND!

Watch us play it LIVE on the awards ceremony recap below!

The Public Vote Winner

The public favorite vote initially intended to be a social campaign! We launched a public Twitter vote for the prize of 50,000 SAND to be distributed to the top winner.. and well it didn’t go the way we expected.

Very quickly we realized Twitter was not the best route to take for a voting contest of this sorts… and it quickly turned unfair for all game jam participants. We fully understand the situation at hand and will be taking appropriate measures for future game jams to ensure this does not happen again. We aim to keep these contests fair and an equal opportunity for all creators involved. This was a learning lesson for our team and we will continue to improve this process everywhere that we possibly can!

With that being said.. we decided to allocate even more $SAND to all 11 participants in the public favorite vote. Prizing breaking down as follows:

The Two Most Liked on Twitter

Force Majeure by: Kimsen

Sandpunk by: Alexander

Prize: 25,000 SAND each splitting the total prize of 50,000 SAND

All Twitter Entries

We have allocated another 22,500 SAND giving each game submission who entered the public favorite vote according to the rules 2,500 SAND each!

Congratulations to all!

Miss our Awards Live Stream? Check it out!

Play these Games.. Right now!

If you are already approved on The Sandbox Game Maker you can PLAY THESE GAMES NOW in the game maker gallery feature! They are all uploaded for you to check out and have fun messing around with!

Tweet us @TheSandboxGame a photo playing them if you do so!

If you are not already approved on the game maker you can apply HERE for alpha access.

Stay tuned to our socials for the next TSB Game Jam! Even bigger.. and even better!



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