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The Light Trail Adventures NFT Drop

A mecha collection of awesome monsters and buildings is coming to the Metaverse on SaturdayJanuary 15th at 3PM UTC

Dungeon Quest Pack #1

The NFTs

  • Rhino Mecha: This former boxer has repeatedly modified his body to be a close combat master. You may choose to fight or ally with him, depending on your morals
  • Laying Queen: Appearing as though having emerged from the underworld. The Laying Queen’s hunger is matched by her aggression. The extraction cave is her residence.
  • Fighter Drone: Seemingly from a time long since past, these ancient bots keep watch of the treasures they protect. You’ll find these within the bowels of the dungeon.
  • Mimic Chest: Never trust the glitter of gold. Raiding goblins have tried before you, and few learnt that and survived.
  • Mimic Shrine: Man alone does not deceive on faith. This altar will judge your fate, and if you are unsure of your footing, it is best to keep your distance…
  • Altar of Memory: An old altar once dedicated to lost love. While ages old, it emanates tranquil, yet melancholy energy, leaving you at ease to rest and recover.
  • Mimic Statue: A very unsettling statue. It feels like it’s watching you… and there’s a violent aura that leaves you feeling like you should keep your distance…
  • Evil’s Den: A decrepit plant of a bygone age, now a hive for Skeletons to revel in terrible acts. Maybe one day, someone will put an end to their horrors. Maybe.



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