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The Metavex District LAND Sale

West meets East. Music is a universal language that we all speak. The Sandbox welcomes the world of J-pop from avex to share globally.

The metaverse is transforming the world of music bringing us new possibilities. Today we are exposed to all kinds of genres through streaming.

The metaverse and advanced digitalization of music is fully opening J-pop and Japanese entertainment to the global community. Let’s all join hands to fully immerse ourselves in the new sound in The Sandbox metaverse.

To celebrate the new partnership with Avex Technologies, The Sandbox will unlock a new part of the map called “Metavex District”. The LAND sale will take place on March 3rd 2022 at 1pm UTC.

Premium NFTs

7 Premium NFTs will be distributed throughout the Premium LANDS:

ayupan — 23rd Monster (left) ; PIKOTARO rucksack (middle) ; PIKOTARO apple / pine pen shield (right)
AmPm DJ Booth (left) ; DJ booth — Shinichi Osawa (middle) ; avex Pass (right)
  • ayupan — 23rd Monster: ayupan is the cartoon collectible figures of Hamasaki Ayumi that were first introduced in 2002. Now you can get the newest figure from the latest single “23rd Monster” as a voxel NFT. More figures are coming soon.
  • PIKOTARO rucksack: Own Pikotaro’s exclusive PPAP rucksack and to make your mark in The Sandbox. Don’t worry, if you can’t get one now, you can purchase separately in the upcoming Avex NFT drop.
  • PIKOTARO apple / pine pen shield: Make your opponents laugh and win your battles with the Pineapple Pen. Play as Pikotaro and make a sensational debut on The Sandbox.
  • AmPm DJ Booth: Music is the universal language. Own this cute AmPm NFT and throw a party that can last forever. Put AmPm to work and they will melt your heart away.
  • DJ booth — Shinichi Osawa: The first voxel NFT from Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso). Music is the soul of the metaverse. All you need is a professional DJ to perform at your party. Turn up the music and dance all night long.
  • avex Pass: Hold this pass to join exclusive events hosted by avex. Don’t worry, you will have an opportunity to purchase or receive this pass even if you miss this event.


Left: avex | Middle: DeadFellaz | Right: Shluv Pals

avex LAND — West meets East. Music is a universal language, even more so today as we are exposed to all kinds of music genres through streaming. Metaverse x Interaction brings us a new world of dance music with Avex from Japan. Let’s all join hands to fully immerse ourselves in the new sound of the metaverse.

DeadFellaz —The Deadfellaz TSB land will have a range of social hubs for community interaction and survival horror adventures for the horde to overcome and explore. Featuring robust lore by the DF creative team, players will be able to learn about how Deadfellaz came to be undead and what it’s like to live in the DF world.

Shluv Pals, created by Michael Le: is a Genesis Project that represents Self-Love and the start of Michael’s journey into Web 3.0.

ESTATE Auctions

All of the auctions for this LANDs will be accessed through these links:

6x6 Estate M [0,-108]

3x3 ESTATE S [12,-129]

3x3 Estate S [-9,-120]

Head over to the Sandbox map on March 3rd at 1PM UTC and take your chance to own LAND in the Metavex District.



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