The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 — First Glimpse

Get ready for Season 3 of The Sandbox Alpha!

The Sandbox
The Sandbox
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2 min readJul 14, 2022


Our first teaser trailer for the new season of the Alpha has dropped, featuring friends old and new that will be present in the Metaverse. Discover their experiences below:

Did you spot your favorite IPs ?

An epic season

This season will be bigger, longer and greater than the last ones. Are you ready to dive back into The Sandbox Metaverse?

We have prepared much more playable content for you this summer! You will have 10 weeks to immerse yourself in 90+ experiences created by brands, studios and users!

Register for free and level up to win one of the 10,000 Alpha Passes. Will you have what it takes to reach level 5 and earn up to 500 SAND? Let’s figure it out this summer!

More rewards for our supporters

You’re reading this right : Season 3 will reward users that are the most invested in The Sandbox project with some guaranteed rewards for:

  • LAND Owners
  • Avatar holders
  • NFT collectors

And that’s not all… the Alpha Season 3 will be filled with new content and new earn mechanics … Stay tuned for more info!



The Sandbox
The Sandbox

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