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The Sandbox — Guide to Virtual Lands & The Metaverse

A guide on purchasing your first LAND, valuing your LANDs, how to spot frauds, and where to reach out for support.

But first, what is LAND and what can you do with it?

Purchasing LANDs from The Sandbox

  1. Click on the available LAND that you wish to purchase.
    Available regular LANDs will be grey and available premium LANDs will be yellow.
  2. A panel will open on the right of the screen. Click the blue buy button.
    The LAND will become booked until the transaction is complete, the transaction is cancelled, the transaction fails (ie due to insufficient gas), or the transaction times out (after two hours). The LAND will turn purple to indicate it is booked.
  3. Your wallet should now pop up, asking you to confirm the transaction and set how much gas (charged in ETH) to use.
  4. Once confirmed via your wallet, the transaction will be in progress. The time it takes to complete is affected by your chosen amount of gas and also any congestion on the blockchain.
    Once successful, the LAND will turn red to indicate that you now own it.

Purchasing LANDs from OpenSea

Identifying genuine LANDs on OpenSea

A genuine LAND listing on OpenSea
  • There is a blue verified checkmark next to the collection name.
  • The name of the collection is written correctly. For example, we are not called “Sandbox”, we are called “The Sandbox”.
  • The co-ordinates are written in the correct format and aren’t nonsensical.
    Check these co-ordinates on The Sandbox’s map.
  • There is a snowflake icon indicating that the metadata is frozen, and therefore the LAND is stored on a decentralised server.
A genuine LAND listing on OpenSea
  • Make sure there is a blue verified checkmark at the top of the page. And that the collection name — The Sandbox— is written correctly.
  • Make sure the snowflake icon is shown in the top-left, indicating the metadata is frozen and that the LAND is stored on a decentralised server.
  • Click the button in the top-right corner that looks like an arrow jumping out of a box. If this LAND is genuine you should be taken to The Sandbox’s map where you will see the location of the LAND.
  • Check the Data tab on the left of the page, the information should match that which is below:
A genuine LAND listing on OpenSea

Valuing the price of LAND on the secondary market

Get help and support from The Sandbox

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