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The Sandbox LAND Presale 4 (Round 1) is Sold Out!

The Sandbox fourth LAND Presale launched yesterday (Tuesday, August 4th) and sold out fast! Read below for all details, numbers and next steps including… our SAND IEO on Binance!

1st round of LAND Presale 4 sold out

The fourth LAND presale launched on August 4th and sold out in less than 24 hours, with 75% of LANDs sold in the first 30 minutes!
4,536 LANDS were up for grab at the opening, including 1,134 Premium LANDS and 4,546 Premium ASSETS including 1,134 Legendary Dragons!

The LANDs available during this first round were sold to 367 users for a 10% discount, generating around 650ETH equating to more than $250,000 USD (at current exchange rate)

LAND Presale 4 Timelapse (x20) of the first 10minutes

During this first round, we introduced Premium LANDs bundled with 4 Premium ASSETs each (a doe, a mummy, a spider and one of six dragons). 1134 of these LANDs were sold during this round.

With each new round of sales we are opening wider parts of our maps with a decreasing discount, yet we witness a growing interest for our project and for that we thank you all!

Fourth LAND Presale (round 1) in numbers

Presale 4 (round 1) in Numbers

“id”: “0xe372ed8d188517ef4d4bc464c0c068d2002e2903

Our contract address: for all transactions

“num1x1Purchases”: 2214,

2214 Unique LAND purchased

“num3x3Purchases”: 150,

150 Small ESTATE (3x3) purchased

“num6x6Purchases”: 15,

15 Medium ESTATE (6x6) purchased

“num12x12Purchases”: 3,

3 Large ESTATE (12x12) purchased

“numDAIPurchases”: 35,

35 Purchases have been made in DAI

“numETHPurchases”: 2347,

2347 Purchases have been made in ETH

“numLandsFromDAIPurchase”: 86,

86 LANDS have been purchased in DAI

“numLandsFromETHPurchase”: 4450,

4450 LANDS have been purchased in DAI

“numNewUniquePurchaser”: 226, “numNewUniqueReceiver”: 226,

226 New LAND Owners. Welcome!!

“numUniquePurchaser”: 367, “numUniqueReceiver”: 367,

367 Users purchased LANDS in this round.

“totalDAISpent”: “4089.6”,
“totalETHSpent”: “639.975719045866565692”

The next round(s) of LAND sales will be announced shortly, keep an eye out for our announcement and make sure you join all our channels.

In the meantime, we also announced our next major milestone: our $SAND IEO on Binance!

After its public release, $SAND will be the main currency in The Sandbox ecosystem. LAND Sales will never be the same.

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