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The Sandbox LAND Presale 4 (Round 2) is Sold Out!

The second wave of our fourth LAND Presale lasted four consecutive days and sold out fast! Read below for all details and numbers!

LAND Presale 4.2

LAND Presale 4 (Round 2) launched on September 15th and lasted 4 days, 1wave per day. Each wave sold out in minutes… 4,512 LANDS were up for grab, including 1,128 Premium LANDS and 4,512 Premium ASSETS including 1,128 Legendary Care Bears!

The LANDs available during this first round were sold to 1,128 users for a 10% discount, generating around 5M $SAND (≈$237,000 USD at the rate of $0.047455)

Upcoming; LAND Presale 4 Round 2 Timelapse

During this first round, we introduced Premium LANDs bundled with 4 Premium ASSETs each (CareBears ASSETS). 1,128 of these LANDs were sold during this round.

With each new round of sales we are opening wider parts of our maps with a decreasing discount, yet we witness a growing interest for our project and for that we thank you all!

Fourth LAND Presale (round 2) in numbers

*$SAND Price was fixed at $0.047455, SAND/USD price ≈1hour before the opening on September 15th 11AM GMT.

Our contract addresses:

*Replace DAI by SAND

  • Round 1: 0xb11822c35a5ffda4b569e93173cb1fa865d6a666
  • Round2: 0xc3ab64924e552646a0fa119dc4ff1b2cd8ab2d84
  • Round3: 0x2e95319eb7c9051225f1c23f4c8f211b3be91b68
  • Round4: 0x6ee6b3524353739191ec12d573bd6c429a23632d

“num1x1Purchases”: Unique LAND purchased

“num3x3Purchases”: Small ESTATE (3x3) purchased

“num6x6Purchases”: Medium ESTATE (6x6) purchased

“num12x12Purchases”: Large ESTATE (12x12) purchased

“numDAIPurchases”: Purchases have been made in DAI

“numETHPurchases”: Purchases have been made in ETH

“numLandsFromDAIPurchase”: LANDS have been purchased in SAND

“numNewUniquePurchaser”: &“numNewUniqueReceiver”: New LAND Owners. Welcome!!

“numUniquePurchaser”: ,
“numUniqueReceiver”: ,

totalDAISpent” = Total SAND spent

The next round(s) of LAND sales will be announced shortly, keep an eye out for our announcement and make sure you join all our channels.

After its public release, $SAND will be the main currency in The Sandbox ecosystem. LAND Sales will never be the same.

Feel free to give these articles a read, we are sure you’ll find them interesting:

More information on Token Economics:

More information on How to Buy a LAND:

More information on the Fourth LAND Presale:

More information on Premium ASSETs:




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