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The Sandbox LAND Presale Round 3 is Sold Out

The Sandbox third LAND Presale happened yesterday Tuesday March 31st and almost sold out in the first 30minutes!

LAND Presale Round 3 is SOLD OUT

This third LAND presale opened on 31 March 2020 and offered 12,384 LANDs, representing 10% of total parcels available for sale on The Sandbox map.

⅔ of all LANDS were sold in the first 30 minutes alone (≃2,000 ETH), 99% were sold out in 5 hours and is now fully complete.
This time, the 12,384 LAND parcels were available at a 20% discount, making a total of approximately 3,400 ETH, or more than $450,000 USD (at current exchange rate).

Timelapse of The Sandbox Third Round of LAND Presale

The first LAND Presale for The Sandbox was held in December 2019 and offered more than 3,000 LANDs that sold out in 4 hours. The second presale opened on 11 February 2020 and offered 6,192 LANDs (representing 5% of total parcels) and almost sold out after one day. This third presale offered more LANDs and sold out even quicker. This confirms the strong interest from gamers, creators, and artists for the decentralized gaming platform that will empower creators through the use of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens. Fourth and last presale will come later this quarter.

This round included 19 new partners including ATARI:, who will all claim a stake in The Sandbox Metaverse.

Together with ATARI, we are going to recreate game experiences inspired by their most popular games. Players will be able to play versions of Roller Coaster Tycoon or Asteroids with a 3D voxel look. We are also planning on building an Atari theme park-like universe with a variety of their game titles.

Preview Screenshot of the Atari Theme Park Game on The Sandbox platform

The new LAND owners that bought a piece of the Sandbox metaverse will be able to find their LANDS on their marketplace profile, their wallet (Bitski, Metamask, Opera or TokenPocket), or Etherscan and OpenSea.

LAND owners will now be able to add an information, logo, and up to three preview images of the LANDS, which will become available with the launch of the Game Maker, but as it is now can showcase mockups, ideas and any image the owner wants to showcase. You can take a quick look at our guide on how to update your estate information here:

Most importantly, LAND and ESTATE owners will be the first ones to access the Game Maker! Indeed, LAND ownership will grant owners with an exclusive access to the Alpha, coming up later this quarter.

Third LAND Presale round — Overall results

The Sandbox third LAND presale round lasted a couple of hours with more than 60% of the total parcel stock being sold in just 30 minutes generating over 2,000 ETH in its sensational opening. Around 700 users got their first piece of The Sandbox metaverse and became LAND owners in this presale round, making almost 1200 LAND holders overall.

After introducing the Sandbox referral program last week and with the help of the community, more than 500 new users joined the metaverse and generated a total of 35 ETH that went towards those who shared their referral link.

We will announce the fourth and last LAND presale in the near future, while the public sale and launch of the gaming platform is expected later in 2020. More information will be revealed in the coming weeks and months. and join us for next round if you haven’t already:



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