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Welcome to the third phase of Greater China’s vibrant cultural hub in the metaverse with the Mega City 3 LAND Sale happening on April 26th at 3PM UTC.


  • The LAND Sale Raffle will start on Wednesday April 26th at 3PM UTC;
  • The Mega City 3 LAND sale will start on May 11th at 12PM UTC;
  • 17 brands will be joining the metaverse;
  • Participants will need to have at least 1,011 SAND in their wallets to enter the raffle.
  • 222 Regular LANDs will be for sale;
  • 12 Premium LANDs will be sold with a bundle of exclusive NFTs;
  • 6 ESTATEs will be auctioned via OpenSea;
  • 12 1x1 LANDs will be auctioned via OpenSea.

Step into the future with Mega City 3, the latest addition to The Sandbox metaverse! Inspired by the bustling metropolis of Greater China, this futuristic hub is an exciting blend of tradition and innovation. The newest virtual neighborhood will open on April 26th at 3PM UTC. Now is your chance to land a spot next to Greater China industry leaders such as HKUST, Nouns, Softstar and much more!

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Mega City 3 expands The Sandbox’s reach in education, art, and entertainment by providing limitless opportunities for creativity, learning, and immersive experiences.

  • Education: The virtual world and society of The Sandbox will be utilized by the top educational institutions, secondary schools, and the largest power company in Hong Kong to promote the creative industry, enhance creativity, and provide immersive learning experiences on various topics such as design, technology, ESG, and decarbonization.
  • Art and Culture: The open metaverse allows established artists and IPs to create unique digital art that can be owned and utilized. Creators can showcase their talents through virtual galleries, exhibitions, and performances, providing audiences with new experiences.
  • Entertainment: The open metaverse technology enables gaming companies to create immersive gaming experiences with established IPs. Entertainment groups can also leverage this technology to offer new forms of entertainment, like live concerts and performances.

17 brands and IPs from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Taiwan enter Mega City 3.

We are proud to welcome 17 brands and IPs from Greater China to Mega City 3. These include:

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) is the Hong Kong utility subsidiary wholly owned by CLP Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia. CLP Power operates a vertically integrated electricity supply business in Hong Kong, and provides a highly reliable supply of electricity and excellent customer services to more than six million people in its supply area.

Ho Yu College and Primary School

Ho Yu College and Primary School is a through-train school in Hong Kong. The school has been at the forefront of innovative teaching and learning in a variety of disciplines, including IT, biotechnology, and independent learning to STEAM education. Ho Yu envisions a diverse, inclusive metaverse that makes virtual learning accessible to a community of learners all over the world, regardless of their geographical location.

Hong Kong Design Institute

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), as one of the member institutions under the VTC Group, is one of the most influential design institutions in Hong Kong. It cultivates knowledge and professionalism by providing high-quality education while nurturing design talents to support Hong Kong’s creative industry development.

The Council of the Hong Kong Laureate Forum

The Council of the Hong Kong Laureate Forum (the HKLF), an NGO tasked to organise the Hong Kong Laureate Forum (the Forum) as well as to promote understanding and interests of the young generation in Hong Kong and around the world in various disciplines in science and technology. The Forum aspires to be a world-class academic exchange event to connect the current and next generations of leaders in scientific pursuit.


Developed by incorporating students’ imaginations of their dream campus, Meta MCDH is an innovative near replica of the IRL school, including their famous reptile house! Explore this landmark to take a look at students-created NFT collections while battling dragons and reptiles.

Shin Kong MetaLife

Shin Kong Life Insurance (SKL), one of the largest insurance companies in Taiwan, is building the soon-to-be iconic “Shin Kong Life Tower” on its LAND to establish the first Taiwanese financial institution in The Sandbox! Players will be able to play games like a maze runner, explore interesting exhibitions, and gain knowledge of insurance and ESG topics while earning exclusive rewards.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

The Fringe Club has been providing an open platform for the arts in Hong Kong since 1983. In The Sandbox, Fringe Club aims to curate an art exhibition space in the metaverse to offer an accessible way for aspiring artists to create and share their art without physical limitations. Through this space, Fringe Club hopes to better connect the younger generation of creators with potential buyers and collectors.

Angela Ho

Run by a team of highly skilled and accomplished developers, Angela Ho is running a community-building initiative that aims to create an immersive experience that blends games, art, and entertainment within a futuristic, sci-fi environment. Visitors will be captivated as they engage with art in new, exciting, and innovative ways through the incorporation of interactive games.


Dustykid, through its brand’s healing power and cuteness, has comforted countless souls on social media and in books. In the world of Web3, the brand has launched DustyLand, an oasis for the soul in the metaverse, encouraging everyone in the community to share their feelings and be comfortable in The Sandbox.

MacauEC Creative Co., LTD

MacauEC provides diverse design and programming services, customizing innovative marketing strategies to enhance customers’ brand image and competitiveness. In recent years, they’ve been exploring metaverse development and are working to integrate Macau-themed IP throughout new gaming experiences and rewards in The Sandbox.


Nouns is a community-owned, open-source, and decentralized project that funds ideas and fosters collaboration to promote its brand globally. From collectors and technologists to non-profits and brands, Nouns is for everyone. The project auctions one new NFT daily, each of which unlocks access to a growing treasury and its distribution. All members have the power to vote on community projects, which may include creative endeavors, software developments, preservation, public infrastructure, and more.


Szabotage is a renowned contemporary street artist and designer from Brighton, England, who gained notoriety in the international urban art world. In 2020, he became the first urban artist to drop NFTs in Hong Kong, connecting his physical and digital practice. He is best known for his signature Koi fish tag, which symbolizes strength, adversity, and good fortune. Szabotage painted for the HKWalls street art festival, was a finalist in Secret Walls, and gave a TEDX talk on resilience. He has exhibited internationally with sold-out exhibitions, solo shows, and collaborative projects.

The Fringe Club

The Fringe Club has been providing an open platform for the arts in Hong Kong since 1983. In The Sandbox, Fringe Club aims to curate an art exhibition space in the metaverse to offer an accessible way for aspiring artists to create and share their art without physical limitations. Through this space, Fringe Club hopes to better connect the younger generation of creators with potential buyers and collectors.


In partnership with China’s biggest girl idol group SNH48, Meet48 is determined to help bring mass adoption to Web3. Through their social platform, the team is empowering fans to manage real-life idols and take an active role in the revolution of the idol economy.


Since its founding 34 years ago, Softstar has developed over 40 PC games in Taiwan, selling billions of single-player game copies. To continue its mission to expand IP licensing, the team is bringing the famous wuxia game “Sword and Fairy” to The Sandbox, a soon-to-be fan favorite of players across the metaverse.

The World Creator Club

The World Creator Club (TWCC) places creativity at the core of everything it does while striving to bring together creators from around the world to work together to build a pure, creator-only organization. They aim to protect creatives’ rights and ease burdens that many face in highly-regulated environments.

Yiu Wing Entertainment Group

Known for being a top entertainment company, Yiu Wing Entertainment Group is bringing its expertise to The Sandbox to develop new immersive experiences that transcend reality. They plan to help lead Asia into the metaverse with concerts, festivals, and events in The Sandbox.

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  • The Mega City 3 LAND Sale Raffle will be open from April 26th, 3PM UTC to May 10th 3AM UTC;
  • The Mega City 3LAND Sale Raffle Results will be announced on May 11th, 11AM UTC;
  • Raffle Winners will be able to purchase their LAND from May 11th, 12 PM until May 15th 12PM UTC (4 days duration)*;
  • The Mega City 3 LAND Sale Second Chance Auctions will take place from May 15th, 3PM UTC to May 17th, 3PM UTC.

*1x1 LANDs and ESTATEs auctions will be open from May 11th, 12PM UTC to May 15th 12PM UTC.

Premium NFTs

Angela Ho (left), Angela Ho’s CyberSword (right)
  • Angela Ho — Meet Angela Ho in the metaverse and experience her futuristic world of interactive games and immersive art.
  • Angela Ho’s CyberSword — Wield the power of Angela Ho’s CyberSword, and experience the thrill of cutting-edge technology and majestic swordplay.
MacauEC: Commemorative Album of Macau Racing Art (left), MacauEC: Metaverse Racing Helmet (right)
  • MacauEC: Commemorative Album of Macau Racing Art — This year the Macau Grand Prix will celebrate its 70th anniversary! MacauEC will work with 70 digital artists around the world to create a commemorative art album for the 70th anniversary, and owning this NFT will obtain unexpected priority rights in the future.
  • MacauEC: Metaverse Racing Helmet — With the design concept of voxel trendy style, owning this metaverse racing helmet can be worn on different Avatars, and will obtain unexpected priority rights in the future.
Meet48 Shen Mengyao (left), Meet48 LED Sign (right)
  • Meet48 Shen Mengyao — Join Shen Mengyao’s fandom and explore the mesmerizing universe of her music and performances in the virtual world!
  • Meet48 LED Sign — Say goodbye to boring posters and hello to the dazzling Meet48 LED Sign — the perfect way to light up your idol’s performance!
Kin Bao — Shin Kong Metalife (left), Shin Kong 60th Anniversary Shield (right)
  • Kin Bao — Shin Kong Metalife — Get ready for a new superhero on the block! Meet Kin Bao, the ultimate protector of your insurance needs! Whether it’s life or health insurance, Kin Bao has got you covered!
  • Shin Kong 60th Anniversary Shield — Defend yourself with the Shin Kong 60th Anniversary Shield! Rain or Shine, the Shin Kong 60th Anniversary Shield will protect you from harm, just like SKL’s insurance products and services.
TWCC Sorare (left), TWCC Sorare One Shoulder Cape (S) Gear (right)
  • TWCC Sorare — Sorare is a kind-hearted, peaceful slime creature who dislikes violence. Sorane’s body can stretch high ductility, and can survive in any type of land. Gura, a killer whale who loves eating fish and berries, is Sorane’s close friend.
  • TWCC Sorare One Shoulder Cape (S) Gear — A rare one-shoulder cloak, handsome and noble with high durability, and with your good partner Sorare adventure, so you will not be alone in the adventure of the journey. This cloak has the Wind and Earth spirit bonuses to strengthen your strength and speed.
Yiu Wing Drummin’ RoboCat (left), Yiu Wing Drummin’ RoboCat Headset (right)
  • Yiu Wing Drummin’ RoboCat — Let The Drummin’ RoboCat drum its way into your heart! Yiu Wing has created the ultimate musical robot cat that will make you want to dance.
  • Yiu Wing Drummin’ RoboCat Headset — Hear the music in a new way with the Drummin’ Cat Headset, inspired by Yiu Wing’s iconic robot cat drummer.

LAND sale process

Don’t forget that, to be eligible to participate in this upcoming LAND sale, you will now need to have a KYCed account.

We will be running two raffles per wave. One for users that want to purchase a regular LANDs and one for those that want to purchase a premium LAND.

The Premium raffle will happen first for Premium LANDs closer to IPs, and the regular raffle going afterward.

Yes, you can register for both raffles in a wave!

More questions? Check out our FAQ!

Randomized location

Upon purchase, the LANDs will be distributed randomly among the pool of buyers that won the raffle. Regular raffle winners receive the opportunity to buy a Regular LAND and Premium winners receive the opportunity to buy a Premium LAND.

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