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The Sandbox Mystical Festival NFT Collection

Discover the collection of NFTs that will transport you to the summer Japanese festivals!

Throughout the summer, there are multiple festivals that are held all over Japan. Starting on Friday 20th at 1PM UTC, you will have your chance to experience some of these events in our Metaverse thanks to the work of 18 Japanese artists from our Creator Fund.


  • The Mystical Festival Collection will start on Friday 20th at 1PM UTC.
  • 16 individual NFTs, created by 18 Japanese artists, will be for sale on The Sandbox Marketplace.
  • Four different bundles of NFTs will be for sale on OpenSea.
  • One experience including 81 NFTs created by the artists will be put on auction for 24 hours on OpenSea.

What is the Mystical Festival Collection?

Given the current situation we live in, a group of artists decided to team up and create a summer festival that people around the world could connect through and enjoy in the virtual world.

The Mystical Festival collection is an ode to the Bon dance* held every summer to express gratitude to the mysterious and sacred levitation power.

The NFTs make up a majestic world filled with various elements that can populate an experience on a LAND. 81 NFTs are part of this collection that you can visualise below.

*Bon Odori or Bon dance, is a style of dancing performed during Obon, that was originally a Nenbutsu folk dance to welcome the spirits of the dead.

81 NFTs of the Mystical Festival Collection

NFT Auction

One experience that regroups all 81 NFTs has been created and will be auctioned on OpenSea on September 17th at 1PM UTC. This would be the chance for every LAND owner to have a ready made experience to publish and monetize on their LAND in one fell swoop.

This experience has been published by the team of artists and can be played on the Game Maker Gallery.

Picture this: You are strolling in a world where floating stones and rare sky fish exist and the ground is lined with lively night stalls where thousands of floating lanterns fly in the sky. You can pass through a red gate, see a thousand torii gates lined with a thousand steps, and after a secret passageway you can find the majestic portable shrine floating in the air where the gods dwell.

There are other hidden elements such as equipment scattered about, so be sure to look for them.

The NFT experience regrouping the 81 NFTs

This is a one of kind chance to get a set of 81 special NFTs created by 18 artists that are part of the Sandbox Creator Fund. Don’t miss this chance because once it’s sold, it’s gone for good!

For the winner of this auction, the artists that created the NFTs and experience offer, for a small fee, to help set up these NFTs and the experience and share some insight.

What’s fun about the NFTs?

All of the NFTs in this collection can be placed in LANDs to enjoy an oriental and Japanese atmosphere. Also, since many of the assets are lit up with neon lights, they can be used not only in realistic games, but also in party scenes, cyber-fantasy, and science fiction worlds. There is sure to be an NFT that fits your game as well.

Below, are some of the NFTs that have been specially curated for this collection. These NFTs have deep roots in the Japanese folklore and a distinct mystical feel to them!

Goldfish Lantern

A goldfish lantern swimming in the air. It illuminates the night sky with gentle light.

Dragon God Spa

The dragon god is relaxing in a spa. Parts of the dragon’s body and the hot water of the spa glow. It creates a divine atmosphere in the dark.

Dancing Lion (ShishiMai)

ShishiMai is a traditional Japanese art form. By biting a person’s head, the lion “eats” the bad things that are in there and brings good things.

Beautiful Miko

A beautiful priestess who assists in the Shinto rituals of the Water Shrine.

Whac-A-Mole (Mogura Tataki)

Bundled NFTs

There is such a variety of NFTs to choose from that we grouped some of them into four bundles that will be put for sale on OpenSea.

Set A : Bon Dance

Bon Dance set

The first bundle is a stage based on the theme of the traditional Japanese Bon Dance comprised of 18 NFTs. 5 bundles of this set will be for sale for a total of 28,000 SAND.

Set B : Omikoshi

Omikoshi set

A set based on the theme of the Omikoshi, the main event of summer festivals comprised of 15 NFTs. 6 bundles of this set will be for sale for 23,400 SAND.

Let’s liven up the festival with floating portable shrines with these festival-loving avatars!

Set C : Mini Shrine

Mini Shrine set

A statue of a fox with dancing demon fire, a shrine maiden, and a priest will take you to the mysterious world of the shrine.

7 sets of this bundle comprised of 13 NFTs will be for sale for 20,300 SAND each.

Set D : Mystical Tree

Mystical Tree set

11 NFTs make up this symbolic set of a broken shrine gate and a cherry blossom sacred tree. 8 bundles of this set will be for sale for 21,600 SAND each.

Things that decay over time, things that don’t change, and things that are newly born, create a space with a sense of taste.

Who are the artists behind these NFTs?

Eighteen Japanese voxel artists that are part of the Creator Fund created this body of work. It took about one and a half months between child-rearing and full-time jobs for the artists to complete this work with the meticulous “craftsmanship” that is unique to the Japanese. We hope you enjoy this collection of high quality voxel art as much as they did creating it! You can see more of each individual artist by clicking their names below:

Head over to the Marketplace on Friday at 1PM UTC to get your hands on the NFTs that make up this glorious collection!



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