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The Sandbox Nori Drop

It is MetavEarth time in The Sandbox. The Sandbox is teaming up with Nori for a special NFT drop coming to a Marketplace near you!

In honour of our partnership with Nori, we are dropping a new NFT to our Marketplace on Friday, December 3rd at 3PM UTC.

In our efforts to limit our carbon footprint we are releasing a legendary Nori Tree to our Marketplace on December 3rd at 3PM UTC. 100 copies of this special NFT have been minted and will be sold for 100 SAND each.

By participating in this sale you are not only getting a cool NFT, the Nori: Ode to Earth, but you are also actively participating in helping us reverse climate change’s impact.

With this drop we are reinforcing our commitment to go green and are strenghtening our bond with Nori at the same time.

Because this cause matters greatly to us, will be matching the proceeds of this sale a SAND for a SAND, via our Foundation and will be donating the totality towards CO2 removal projects.

Exclusive auction on December 15th, 3pm UTC

The unique legendary Nori: Golden Tree is on its way. The 24 hours auction will take place on OpenSea on December 15th at 3pm UTC .Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire this new beauty!

About Nori:

Nori is on a mission to reverse climate change by making it as simple as possible to pay people to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Nori is building the open source market infrastructure to allow for carbon removal projects to measure and monetize their activity. Our voluntary marketplace, based on blockchain technology, will enable carbon removal suppliers to connect directly with buyers, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.




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