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The Sandbox Partners with My Crypto Profile

A new VoxEdit contest is also coming to The Metaverse on October 11th.

  • Items must have green elements (#00ff84 RGB color)
  • Include at least one of these ideas — Renaissance, graffiti


  • Submission start: October 11th at 00:00 AM UTC
  • AMA with MCP’s team: October 12th at 12 PM UTC
  • Submission end: October 24th at 23:59 UTC

The Prizes

How to submit your Asset?

  • Create a GIF of your fully animated asset (We recommend using Gyazo)
  • Tweet your assets GIF mentioning @VoxEdit, @Web3Mcp and @TheSandboxGame on Twitter!
  • MAKE SURE to include #VoxEditWeekly hashtag in your Tweet!

New to VoxEdit? It’s free and easy to use!

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