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The Sandbox Partners with SHIBUYA109 to Launch “SHIBUYA109 LAND”!

Famous Shibuya commercial ward in Tokyo makes a full-scale entry into the Metaverse!

The Sandbox has entered into a business alliance with SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Corporation to bring SHIBUYA109 to The Sandbox metaverse with the aim of creating “an exciting playground where everyone can have some thrilling experiences” and providing customers with “next-generation customer experiences that exceed expectations.”

The partnership will establish a touristic SHIBUYA109 LAND in The Sandbox metaverse where SHIBUYA109 plans to develop a variety of businesses such as selling original NFTs, mini-games where you can obtain NFTs, and advertising in the metaverse. This LAND can connect fans of the Shibuya ward from around the world, with a complete representation of Shibuya Crossing on the map.

“We were among the first to focus on the metaverse and NFT, and have been preparing for it since April 2021. 2021 is said to be the first year of NFT, and 2010 the first year of the metaverse, and we have decided to enter The Sandbox, a popular blockchain game. We are very much looking forward to the challenge of a new field that is different from our existing business. At SHIBUYA109 LAND, we will not only offer new experiences that only the Metaverse can provide, but we will also collaborate with various artists and characters, as we have done in the real world, so that many people, both in Japan and overseas, will be able to play the game. I hope that this project will help people to become interested in the Metaverse and NFTs.” — Ayumi Ishikawa, Representative Director, SHIBUYA109 ENTERTAINMENT Inc.

SHIBUYA109 will bring the famous Tokyo district to the world, regardless of travel restrictions

With the current travel restrictions and other pandemic factors, it continues to be difficult for foreign tourists to visit Japan. In such an environment, by creating a virtual representation of the famous Shibuya district, including SHIBUYA109 department store, in The Sandbox, SHIBUYA109 hopes to attract many users from all over the world and have them enjoy the new customer experience that only the Metaverse can provide. The Sandbox is excited and proud to host this virtual Shibuya experience in its metaverse, so that virtual tourists around the world can experience a slice of Tokyo’s culture.

“We welcome SHIBUYA109 to The Sandbox as one of the leading brands and host of the most recognizable touristic location in Japan. SHIBUYA 109’s LAND is poised to become an epicenter of culture in the Metaverse, as it is in the real world, and we’ll work with their team on making their famous location and Japanese culture globally accessible to everyone in the Metaverse, as an iconic place where lifestyle, music, fashion, and socializing match up.” — Sébastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox.

About Shibuya 109

The company operates four facilities, centering on the SHIBUYA109 Shibuya store (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo). With the corporate philosophy of “Making You SHINE! — shining the “now” of the new generation and making their dreams and wishes come true,” the company is developing its entertainment business beyond the operation of commercial facilities in order to shine the “now” of the new generation who will be responsible for the future and make their dreams and wishes come true. With the corporate philosophy of “shining the “now” and making dreams and wishes come true,” the company develops entertainment businesses that go beyond the operation of commercial facilities in order to shine the “now” and make dreams and wishes come true for the new generation that will lead the future.

Establishment: April 3, 2017

Representative Director: Ayumi Ishikawa




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